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Bob got hooked on kiteboarding a few years ago and has wanted to take me since we met and FINALLY last weekend we actually got out!

He was SO excited for me to try it….and for all of you that aren’t familiar with kiteboarding, basically you go out on a frozen lake with your skis or snowboard and attach yourself to a huge kite and use the wind’s power to go!

This is Bob making it look easy!

So first off, you learn on what’s called a ‘trainer kite’ which is basically a smaller version of the real kites you use when you are hooked up.

I’m sure I looked really cool just standing out on the ice stationary and flying this big kite (and it was pulling me all over and knocking me to the ground which was probably hilarious)

After somewhat getting the hang of controlling the kite, I ‘graduated’ to a small real kite and with Bob at my side, strapped into my snowboard and attempted….

It was so hard and I fell SO many times and was pulled across the ice SO many times! I think Bob was trying as hard as he could not to laugh at me.  After getting ice stuck in every inch of my body, I gave up for the day and sat in the car reading on my Kindle.  I did manage to move about 200 yards the entire time I was trying 🙂

I think I will leave kiteboarding up to Bob!


Iowa Trip

My great-great aunt Be passed away on January 27th and we traveled down to Iowa for her funeral two weekends ago.  She was 104 and lived a wonderful life, and now I am sure she is smiling down from Heaven!

This is part of my mom’s side of the family…Steve, Melissa, and their three boys Nate, Matthew, and Isaac, my parents, grandparents, and us 🙂

Steve, Melissa, Nate, Matthew, and Isaac

Grandma and Grandpa

Mom, Dad, Bob, and me

Grandma and Grandpa with Bob and me

Trying to get these 3 boys in a picture together while they are all smiling and looking at the camera is nearly impossible!

Every time we go to Iowa, we ALWAYS go to my uncle Dave’s pizza place and it never fails to disappoint! It is hands down my favorite pizza…although I was disappointed this time because somehow I ended up at the wrong end of the table and had the supreme pizza in front of me and the kids had direct access to the pepperoni that is my favorite.  Well, lesson learned…I will always position myself better 🙂

Bob was happy with a beer in one hand and dessert in the other!

One awesome thing we saw were about 10 bald eagles that were just chilling by the dam at the river.  Some were just perched in the trees and others were fishing!

It was so neat!

We also went to Isaac’s basketball game on Saturday morning….the kiddos were SO cute!

Their team lost…but it was still fun to watch!

Matthew loves basketball so while the littles were warming up he took a few shots too

We had a great time, but were exhausted by the time we came home because the kiddos kept us busy!

Gingerbread Men

While in Iowa, we played with my little cousins A LOT and were exhausted nearly every night.  We did have fun one afternoon with a ‘calm’ activity to break up the day! My mom had bought these gingerbread men for the kiddos (and thought that Bob and I would enjoy them – which we did!) and we had fun decorating them!

The boys loved it….especially Bob!

I cheated and copied what they had displayed on the box…creativity is NOT my strong point.

I think Nate just wanted to eat the frosting 🙂

Bob with his finished product

Isaac really liked the sprinkles and I think used 4 packs of them on his!

Isaac’s 🙂

Bob, Isaac, and me with Isaac’s masterpiece!

Skiing and Snowboarding

My mom came to visit for a few days so we could go skiing together (well snowboarding for me) before we go out to Vermont next month with Carrie!  Mom hadn’t skied in probably 15 years but she did great!

The weather was absolutely beautiful, in the 20s and we hardly got cold at all!  We used to ski every week when I was younger, when mom would pick Carrie and me up from school and we would ski way past our bedtime!  (I didn’t pick up snowboarding until college)

We had such a great time and I am SO looking forward to our trip (but am praying that Vermont gets snow soon!)  Mom only took one real tumble and luckily the only thing that was hurt was her ego!  So it was a successful day in my book…no broken bones!