Red Bull Crashed Ice

Again this year, Bob and I went to St Paul to watch Red Bull Crashed Ice.  It wasn’t nearly as cold this year so I was happy!

The cathedral looked awesome…

You can kind of see here…but according to reports there were over 115,000 people that showed up!!  We were a little frustrated at first because we couldn’t get close to seeing anything, but after weaseling our way up to the fence we had a good view!

We were right in front of the big hill which was great because it meant a lot of the skaters fell or had a difficult time with it!

In the distance we could also see the starting line and a few jumbo screens which was cool!

We were able to watch the quarter, semi, and final races which was neat! Unfortunately there was only one American in the finals, and he placed 3rd overall but we still had fun cheering!

Bob, Jon, and Kelvin managing to stay warm! (we also went with my cousins but somewhere we lost them in the shuffle!)

Bri and me

Bob was super excited because last night we got a few inches of snow so got to use the snowblower with his favorite toy!

I love winter when it snows like this…but unfortunately it has just been SO cold that we haven’t gotten much snow 😦


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