Ice Castles

Bob and I met up with Mark and Susie to visit the Ice Castles at the MOA.  As we were walking in to buy our tickets, a lady stopped us and handed us 2 extra tickets that she had….how nice!

They had built in LED lights that changed colors into the ice which was really cool!

Mark and Susie….they got engaged at Christmas and we are SO excited for them and are so happy to have Susie as part of the family!

There were some neat ice spheres that were lit also…Bob thought those were pretty cool 🙂

But he thinks anything with LEDs is pretty cool….

It was so cool to walk through these huge tunnels that are handmade out of ice!

Mark may have gotten a little too curious and tested the strength of the icicles a little too much because he ended up with some left in his hand.

Bob and me

It was really cool and thankfully it wasn’t THAT cold outside…I guess this next week is supposed to be freezing with high temperatures that are below zero! Brrr!

Mark saw a little girl pose in the hole and thought he should too

I’m sure we would have had a completely different experience if we had gone during the day but I would recommend everyone going at night because the lights were so neat!

So cute!

One of the signs said that more than 4 million gallons of water were used to make the towers! That is insane and to think that it is all going to melt this spring!

By this time we were getting a little chilly so we found someone to take a picture of the four of us and headed out for some food!

Susie, Mark, Kelly, & Bob


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