Laser Tag

So this post is late in coming because I realized as I was preparing the NEXT post that this one had gotten lost in the shuffle!  Almost 2 weeks ago (right when Bob and I were coming down sick) we met up with Steve and Dani for a FUN night!

We are all business….

We found a place near us that has $10 unlimited laser tag every Monday night and for the second time had a blast!  Trust me…we were not the oldest people there!

They also had this new ‘laser maze’ that both guys tried out which seemed pretty cool!  It is basically a room that they shoot all these lasers in and you have to go through and hit target buttons on the wall without hitting any of the lasers…Ocean’s 11 style!  They have a video screen on the outside so we could watch and this annoying buzz! noises every time a laser is hit.  Maybe next time I will try it out!

Kinda hard to tell…but this is Steve going through the laser maze….

Of course in between laser tag we had to play a few arcade games…and I decided to stay away from the skee ball because I learned firsthand last time that my skill has disappeared now that I am older than 10. Sad.

We had a great time and will definitely be going back soon!  This is us after about 10 rounds of laser tag….hot, sweaty, and smiling!


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