Girls Day Out

I was SO excited when I learned that two of my roommates from college were going to be in the Cities last week!  Emily, Brittany, Lydia, and I planned a fun day and we were all looking forward to spending time together!

We met at The General Store for a great lunch (their soup and popovers are awesome!) and just spent time meandering around through the neat displays.  I seriously could have spent hours in there!  We then spent the rest of the day just catching up, laughing, and playing board games.

Love these girls so much and definitely miss our days of living together and spending 24/7 with them!

Bob came down with a nasty virus last week and I thought I had been spared, but Sunday night came down hard….and I have been battling it all week.  But, my awesome husband even through his sickness has been spoiling me….

 A little Ben & Jerry’s does a lot of good to soothe a sore throat! In combination with lots of cough syrup, decongestants, Tylenol, and Praise the Lord for Benadryl to allow for a good nights sleep!


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