Packers vs Vikings

My parents, sister, and brother-in-law came to visit us last weekend and we had a very eventful weekend!  It started off with Bob waking me up at 1 on Saturday (I had worked Friday night) telling me that our plumbing was out.  I didn’t quite understand what he meant, until he explained that nothing could be flushed or put down any drain.  My jaw dropped as I realized my family was minutes away and we couldn’t shower, wash dishes, do laundry, or flush a toilet!

But my amazing husband had already contacted a plumber, and Roto-Rooter was on its way!

Well, to make a long story short, the plumber finally came at 6 PM and finished a few hours later.  We had our Christmas dinner while he was pounding away in the main floor bathroom, and I think he felt a little awkward while we opened gifts in the living room with him walking through!

I was super excited about the Kate Spade wallet Carrie and Nick got me to match my KS purse they got me last Christmas!

Bob got some very manly gifts that he was excited about from Carrie and Nick.  This hamburger press, along with an electric grill brush made him very happy!

Mom, Dad, Carrie, Nick, Bob, and me (and after we took this picture I realized my great need to decorate our dining room walls!)

So while we finished opening gifts, the plumber finished and we were relieved that he claimed everything was finished (after we spent the afternoon going to the local grocery store to go to the bathroom…or in the guys case going to the backyard).

BUT….less than 12 hours after our supposed ‘fix’ our pipes were backed up again!  Thankfully, my in-laws live a few miles away and they happened to be at their Arizona home, so we trekked over there to shower and get ready for church!

Or in Nick’s case, some warm water and my stock pot worked for his shower…and yes he did wash his hair with Carrie’s help!

Roto-Rooter couldn’t come out until Sunday afternoon…and since we already had BIG plans we had to forego plumbing for another 24 hours!

But nothing could put a damper on our day as we headed to downtown Minneapolis to the Metrodome…or to be PC I should say ‘Mall of America Field’.  The above picture shows true love because unfortunately my sister and I both married Vikings fans which does NOT make my dad happy at all….but all 6 of us had a great time at the game!

Mom, Dad, and me all ready for the game! (or Finley, Matthews, and Raji for all you Packer backers!)

We were so excited since it was a big game for both teams!  If the Vikings lost, their season would end, and if the Packers won they would get a first round bye in the playoffs….AND Adrian Peterson was super close to getting the single season rushing record!  Well, we all know now that the Vikings won the game but AP did not get the record….but it was an awesome game and I even walked out of the stadium with a smile on my face! (and it helps a lot after our win against the Vikes last night in the first round of the playoffs!) 🙂

It was our first football game at the Metrodome so we were excited!

It is definitely weird not having the usual Lambeau traditions but we had a great time!

Bob was pretty excited! We had gotten our tickets on StubHub a few months ago and learned first hand that the 2nd deck has 31 rows because we were in row 31!  We could see everything and I would definitely sit in those seats again even though they were high!

My dad is all business at games, and I love sitting next to him because he calls EVERYTHING before it happens!  It is awesome!

I am sad for Bob that the Vikings lost last night….but it doesn’t quite overcome my excitement that the Packers advanced to the 2nd round!

I realized I hadn’t posted about our fun first night with Carrie and Nick!  We met up with a bunch of friends at the Republic in Uptown and had so much fun just catching up!

Carrie, Jess, Brittany, Keith, and Sally

Jimmy, Kelly, Bob, Jake, and Nick

Since Carrie and Nick only come to town once a year it is always so much fun!  We tried to spend as much time together as we could….and had a great time.

****And we now have working plumbing after Roto-Rooter came for the second time on Monday and successfully unclogged the main sewer line leaving the house that had gotten overgrown with roots….and after working an EXTRA 3 shifts this week and a generous gift from my parents the cost is covered too!*****


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