A Day at Lambeau Field

We headed to Lambeau field on December 23rd for the game against the Titans!

Jake and Mark joined us and we were excited to have the annual ‘cousins game’

Dad, Jake, Kelly, Mark, and Mom (Bob took the picture since he wasn’t in Packers gear)

We were excited to sit on the 50 yard line and cheered our hearts out! It really wasn’t that cold (in the 20s) and the only part that was cold were my feet towards the end of the game!

Jake and Mark

Ready for opening kickoff….

I just love going to Lambeau, all of the traditions there get me so excited for football!  The beer race, attendance trivia, Follow the Festy Burger, the Johnsonville Brat commercial, and hearing Reggie White’s voice at the beginning of the game

Bob took this awesome panoramic!

Since this is our only game we were able to go to this year, I soaked up every second of our 55-7 win! (and it was 55-0 when we left!)  It was great to see the boys playing well and excited for the game!

This guy is also an ever-present fixture in section as our ‘beer man’ (that we never purchase anything from) has been working in our section for 50 years!  50!!


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