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Red Bull Crashed Ice

Again this year, Bob and I went to St Paul to watch Red Bull Crashed Ice.  It wasn’t nearly as cold this year so I was happy!

The cathedral looked awesome…

You can kind of see here…but according to reports there were over 115,000 people that showed up!!  We were a little frustrated at first because we couldn’t get close to seeing anything, but after weaseling our way up to the fence we had a good view!

We were right in front of the big hill which was great because it meant a lot of the skaters fell or had a difficult time with it!

In the distance we could also see the starting line and a few jumbo screens which was cool!

We were able to watch the quarter, semi, and final races which was neat! Unfortunately there was only one American in the finals, and he placed 3rd overall but we still had fun cheering!

Bob, Jon, and Kelvin managing to stay warm! (we also went with my cousins but somewhere we lost them in the shuffle!)

Bri and me

Bob was super excited because last night we got a few inches of snow so got to use the snowblower with his favorite toy!

I love winter when it snows like this…but unfortunately it has just been SO cold that we haven’t gotten much snow 😦



Bob and I joined a broomball rec league with friends from Bob’s work and we are having a blast!  We had both played broomball before, and I had been on an intramural team in college, but we quickly realized that these teams were a little more intense!

So we purchased ‘his and hers’ broomball shoes!  They make the WORLD of difference on the ice and instead of concentrating so hard on not falling, we can actually run and make stops without sliding all over the place!

We have a blast playing, and although our team is not in the running for winning our division…we did score our first goal last week!  That was definitely something to celebrate!

We are the team with the red pinnies on 🙂

Bob looks pretty hardcore here…

We have so much fun and hopefully our team will stay together and we can keep playing in years to come!

Ice Castles

Bob and I met up with Mark and Susie to visit the Ice Castles at the MOA.  As we were walking in to buy our tickets, a lady stopped us and handed us 2 extra tickets that she had….how nice!

They had built in LED lights that changed colors into the ice which was really cool!

Mark and Susie….they got engaged at Christmas and we are SO excited for them and are so happy to have Susie as part of the family!

There were some neat ice spheres that were lit also…Bob thought those were pretty cool 🙂

But he thinks anything with LEDs is pretty cool….

It was so cool to walk through these huge tunnels that are handmade out of ice!

Mark may have gotten a little too curious and tested the strength of the icicles a little too much because he ended up with some left in his hand.

Bob and me

It was really cool and thankfully it wasn’t THAT cold outside…I guess this next week is supposed to be freezing with high temperatures that are below zero! Brrr!

Mark saw a little girl pose in the hole and thought he should too

I’m sure we would have had a completely different experience if we had gone during the day but I would recommend everyone going at night because the lights were so neat!

So cute!

One of the signs said that more than 4 million gallons of water were used to make the towers! That is insane and to think that it is all going to melt this spring!

By this time we were getting a little chilly so we found someone to take a picture of the four of us and headed out for some food!

Susie, Mark, Kelly, & Bob

Laser Tag

So this post is late in coming because I realized as I was preparing the NEXT post that this one had gotten lost in the shuffle!  Almost 2 weeks ago (right when Bob and I were coming down sick) we met up with Steve and Dani for a FUN night!

We are all business….

We found a place near us that has $10 unlimited laser tag every Monday night and for the second time had a blast!  Trust me…we were not the oldest people there!

They also had this new ‘laser maze’ that both guys tried out which seemed pretty cool!  It is basically a room that they shoot all these lasers in and you have to go through and hit target buttons on the wall without hitting any of the lasers…Ocean’s 11 style!  They have a video screen on the outside so we could watch and this annoying buzz! noises every time a laser is hit.  Maybe next time I will try it out!

Kinda hard to tell…but this is Steve going through the laser maze….

Of course in between laser tag we had to play a few arcade games…and I decided to stay away from the skee ball because I learned firsthand last time that my skill has disappeared now that I am older than 10. Sad.

We had a great time and will definitely be going back soon!  This is us after about 10 rounds of laser tag….hot, sweaty, and smiling!

Finally Finished

So 14 months after we got married…I am finally finishing our photo album with pictures from our photographer!  In my defense, I did put together a really neat Shutterfly scrapbook that I absolutely LOVE that took me weeks to finish that I printed out last spring.  Our photography package included 100 4×6 proofs and I had gotten a neat bridal album as a shower gift so it was just a matter of time before I put the two together 🙂

I am a little OCD and have to write on each picture before it goes into the book…because in 50 years my guess is I probably won’t recognize some of the people!

It was so fun to look back and remember all of the thoughts, emotions, and excitement from our big day.  It truly was the best day of my life, and I am so happy to look back and know that everyone I treasure was there to witness with us.

This is the front of the book….so now to make it officially complete all I have to do is put a picture in the front and then I am DONE!


This week has been a long and tough week for both Bob and me….we are still dragging from being sick and after taking off 2 days of work I am just PRAYING that I get better soon!  We have officially gone through a package of decongestants, are on our 3rd bottle of cough syrup (I got smart and bought the ‘family size’ for the 2 of us), our 3rd package of cough drops, and are working through Benadryl and Tylenol like it is nobody’s business!  Stay healthy everyone…this is NOT fun!

Girls Day Out

I was SO excited when I learned that two of my roommates from college were going to be in the Cities last week!  Emily, Brittany, Lydia, and I planned a fun day and we were all looking forward to spending time together!

We met at The General Store for a great lunch (their soup and popovers are awesome!) and just spent time meandering around through the neat displays.  I seriously could have spent hours in there!  We then spent the rest of the day just catching up, laughing, and playing board games.

Love these girls so much and definitely miss our days of living together and spending 24/7 with them!

Bob came down with a nasty virus last week and I thought I had been spared, but Sunday night came down hard….and I have been battling it all week.  But, my awesome husband even through his sickness has been spoiling me….

 A little Ben & Jerry’s does a lot of good to soothe a sore throat! In combination with lots of cough syrup, decongestants, Tylenol, and Praise the Lord for Benadryl to allow for a good nights sleep!

Packers vs Vikings

My parents, sister, and brother-in-law came to visit us last weekend and we had a very eventful weekend!  It started off with Bob waking me up at 1 on Saturday (I had worked Friday night) telling me that our plumbing was out.  I didn’t quite understand what he meant, until he explained that nothing could be flushed or put down any drain.  My jaw dropped as I realized my family was minutes away and we couldn’t shower, wash dishes, do laundry, or flush a toilet!

But my amazing husband had already contacted a plumber, and Roto-Rooter was on its way!

Well, to make a long story short, the plumber finally came at 6 PM and finished a few hours later.  We had our Christmas dinner while he was pounding away in the main floor bathroom, and I think he felt a little awkward while we opened gifts in the living room with him walking through!

I was super excited about the Kate Spade wallet Carrie and Nick got me to match my KS purse they got me last Christmas!

Bob got some very manly gifts that he was excited about from Carrie and Nick.  This hamburger press, along with an electric grill brush made him very happy!

Mom, Dad, Carrie, Nick, Bob, and me (and after we took this picture I realized my great need to decorate our dining room walls!)

So while we finished opening gifts, the plumber finished and we were relieved that he claimed everything was finished (after we spent the afternoon going to the local grocery store to go to the bathroom…or in the guys case going to the backyard).

BUT….less than 12 hours after our supposed ‘fix’ our pipes were backed up again!  Thankfully, my in-laws live a few miles away and they happened to be at their Arizona home, so we trekked over there to shower and get ready for church!

Or in Nick’s case, some warm water and my stock pot worked for his shower…and yes he did wash his hair with Carrie’s help!

Roto-Rooter couldn’t come out until Sunday afternoon…and since we already had BIG plans we had to forego plumbing for another 24 hours!

But nothing could put a damper on our day as we headed to downtown Minneapolis to the Metrodome…or to be PC I should say ‘Mall of America Field’.  The above picture shows true love because unfortunately my sister and I both married Vikings fans which does NOT make my dad happy at all….but all 6 of us had a great time at the game!

Mom, Dad, and me all ready for the game! (or Finley, Matthews, and Raji for all you Packer backers!)

We were so excited since it was a big game for both teams!  If the Vikings lost, their season would end, and if the Packers won they would get a first round bye in the playoffs….AND Adrian Peterson was super close to getting the single season rushing record!  Well, we all know now that the Vikings won the game but AP did not get the record….but it was an awesome game and I even walked out of the stadium with a smile on my face! (and it helps a lot after our win against the Vikes last night in the first round of the playoffs!) 🙂

It was our first football game at the Metrodome so we were excited!

It is definitely weird not having the usual Lambeau traditions but we had a great time!

Bob was pretty excited! We had gotten our tickets on StubHub a few months ago and learned first hand that the 2nd deck has 31 rows because we were in row 31!  We could see everything and I would definitely sit in those seats again even though they were high!

My dad is all business at games, and I love sitting next to him because he calls EVERYTHING before it happens!  It is awesome!

I am sad for Bob that the Vikings lost last night….but it doesn’t quite overcome my excitement that the Packers advanced to the 2nd round!

I realized I hadn’t posted about our fun first night with Carrie and Nick!  We met up with a bunch of friends at the Republic in Uptown and had so much fun just catching up!

Carrie, Jess, Brittany, Keith, and Sally

Jimmy, Kelly, Bob, Jake, and Nick

Since Carrie and Nick only come to town once a year it is always so much fun!  We tried to spend as much time together as we could….and had a great time.

****And we now have working plumbing after Roto-Rooter came for the second time on Monday and successfully unclogged the main sewer line leaving the house that had gotten overgrown with roots….and after working an EXTRA 3 shifts this week and a generous gift from my parents the cost is covered too!*****

J Family Christmas

I know I am way behind in blogging…we just did SO many things in a few short days that it is hard to catch up!

Christmas Eve we were able to spend with Bob’s Dad’s side of the family.  We were almost ALL there (with the exception of just a few people) so it was so much fun!

This picture of Dave and Steve just cracks me up!

Misti and me (love Matt and Chris in the background) hahaha

Wyatt was excited about his gift from Bruce!

Laurel and Ruth waiting to open some gifts

Bruce, Great Grandma S, and Becky

A holiday celebration is never complete without some ping pong

Chris and Steve were very intense players!

Misti and I played Cal and Dave and we won the first game! (but then lost the next 2)

Bob, Steve, and Misti on Christmas Day

We had a great time celebrating Our Savior’s birth with our family!

A Day at Lambeau Field

We headed to Lambeau field on December 23rd for the game against the Titans!

Jake and Mark joined us and we were excited to have the annual ‘cousins game’

Dad, Jake, Kelly, Mark, and Mom (Bob took the picture since he wasn’t in Packers gear)

We were excited to sit on the 50 yard line and cheered our hearts out! It really wasn’t that cold (in the 20s) and the only part that was cold were my feet towards the end of the game!

Jake and Mark

Ready for opening kickoff….

I just love going to Lambeau, all of the traditions there get me so excited for football!  The beer race, attendance trivia, Follow the Festy Burger, the Johnsonville Brat commercial, and hearing Reggie White’s voice at the beginning of the game

Bob took this awesome panoramic!

Since this is our only game we were able to go to this year, I soaked up every second of our 55-7 win! (and it was 55-0 when we left!)  It was great to see the boys playing well and excited for the game!

This guy is also an ever-present fixture in section as our ‘beer man’ (that we never purchase anything from) has been working in our section for 50 years!  50!!

W Family Christmas

This year, we celebrated Christmas with my parents the weekend before so that we could celebrate in Minnesota with Bob’s family on the actual days.

My parents…

Bob and me

All 4 of us

My mom’s tree looked gorgeous! (How many Packer ornaments can you see in this picture?)

Bob was SO excited to get this work table from my parents…he had it set up in the living room approximately 2 minutes after opening the package!

We got my parents an assortment of gifts….and their favorites were this cooler and lunch box!

And another Packer ornament to add to the tree 🙂

We got these cute pajamas from my grandparents!  I LOVE pajamas and it is always a tradition to get new jammies for Christmas!  My parents got all of us Packer pajamas that I love too!

Not surprisingly….my dad took a few naps over the course of the weekend 🙂

I was excited to have the chance to meet up with some friends from high school that I haven’t seen in a long time!  Jenni, Austin, Stacy, Sarah, and I (Bob tagged along too) met up at Starbucks and got shooed out the door when they closed!  It was so neat to catch up with friends!