Don & Ashleigh’s Wedding

Our friends Don & Ashleigh from church got married on December 21st and we were happy to celebrate their special day with them!

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful since church was already decorated for Christmas!

Don and Ashleigh made a unity cross that was really neat and something neither of us had seen before!

My favorite part was singing Christmas carols by candle light 🙂

Husband and Wife!

Such a happy couple!  We have been blessed to have gotten to know Don and Ashleigh through church and truly treasure our friendship with them.

I found that dress at Target on clearance for $9 and paired with a new black cardigan worked perfect for a winter wedding!  And I was happy because my hair is finally getting long enough to curl again!

Their reception was absolutely beautiful and I LOVED their centerpieces and definitely wishe I could replicate it for our table at home!

I loved their cake…and it reminded me a lot of our cake so maybe that’s why!

Super cute place cards as well…I absolutely loved their Christmas theme!

We were happy to have a chance to visit with our small group leaders Terri and Rob.  Rob is one of our pastors at church, and he and Terri are such a wonderful couple who love the Lord and we are so thankful that they lead our group!

Rob found the life-sized gingerbread house!

Don and Ashleigh’s first dance

Bouquet toss…take a wild guess which song was playing during this….why yes, it was ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyonce

Bob and Don

Bob, Don, Ashleigh, and Kelly

We had a great time and look forward to spending more time with the newly married couple!


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