I am finally finishing up posting about our trip to Aspen….

This was the view from our hotel….it was absolutely breathtaking!

Our last day, Aspen had gotten over 10 inches of snow….so everything looked beautiful!

We literally walked to Aspen Mountain from where we were staying and weren’t the only ones walking around in our gear! It is such a neat little town and you can tell all of the locals love living there!

They are HUGE on public transportation, and once you get to Aspen you really have no need for a car because either you can walk or take one of the free public buses!  We took a bus over to Snowmass for our second day of skiing and it was SO easy!  All of the buses have ski/snowboard racks on the outside so you don’t have to mess with anything!

Another shot from just outside our hotel….

We stayed at the Limelight and had a great experience!

The lobby had some cute and classy Christmas decorations and just felt so cozy!

We ended up eating two dinners at their Bar & Grille and the personal pizzas were amazing!  I got a Margherita and Bob ordered a spicy pepperoni!

The first night we got there, we ate dinner at L’Hosteria, and Italian restaurant that was SOO good!

Definitely one of the best Italian restaurants I have ever eaten at…including restaurants in Italy!  I had their Tagliatelli, and Bob ordered the Spinach Tortillini….absolutely delicious!  It was too dark to take pictures of our meal…but trust me…it was delicious!

After dinner…we knew we had to find somewhere to get dessert and happened upon Paradise Bakery

They had amazing gelato…I ordered the ginger cookie and couldn’t believe how good it was!

We stopped and ate our gelato at one of the outdoor fire pits that are always burning…so cute!

And I will admit…we walked back to Paradise Bakery during a huge snowstorm to get more gelato on a different night 🙂


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