Hanging Lake

Bob and I headed out to Aspen last week Wednesday and were SO excited to get into the mountains.

I had found a hiking spot, Hanging Lake, that I wanted to stop at on the way out…and we were NOT disappointed!

The start of the trail was gorgeous….with mountains surrounding us on all sides and a gorgeous blue river running through

It was pretty steep and rocky, but luckily there wasn’t much snow at the base of the hike.  I had managed to forget to bring regular shoes, and just had my Uggs!  We ran across a few other hikers, some who had ice spikes on the bottoms of their hiking shoes, and I just had to laugh comparing my shoes to theirs!

Everything was so pretty!

I definitely got winded a few times, and surprise, surprise Bob had to stop and wait for me a bit!

Once we reached Hanging Lake, it was all worth it!  Seriously…it was absolutely gorgeous!

The lake itself was clear blue and you could see straight to the bottom….

The pictures truly do not do it justice!

Luckily, there were a few other hikers that got up there shortly after we did so we were able to get a picture together!

I couldn’t get enough of the water….

I got one last shot before we headed to the next spot…we were in somewhat of a time crunch since it was almost 4 o’clock at the time and I did NOT want to be climbing back down the mountain in the dark!

The next spot we hiked to was just a few hundred yards away and was called Spouting Rock and was so neat!

The water came directly out of the cliff…and you can see in this picture how tall it was compared to Bob!

Self timer came in handy and managed to get a good shot! (you should see the 20 outtakes of me waving for Bob to hurry up… 🙂 )

As we were heading back down, the sun was setting and the colors were beautiful

This hike is definitely a MUST if you are driving on I-70 in Colorado!

Bob decided he wanted to do some rock climbing….

Our 16 hour drive would not have been complete without a stop at my favorite fast food place…SONIC!  Since it was morning when we stopped, I didn’t have my favorite Powerade slush and instead enjoyed sweet potato tater tots! Yum!


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