‘B’ Family Pics

This past Saturday, Bob and I (he is my wonderful assistant) took pictures of the ‘B’ Family…you might remember Lily from here when she was only a month old.  Now this precious girly is 3 months old, and Lindsey wanted a picture to use for their Christmas card


So out we went to the nature preserve to snap a few pictures!

Lily was just content the whole time even though it was pretty cold out!

This is my favorite picture from the day…Allan is just too cute with Lily!

Absolutely precious!

I thought we got quite a few pictures within 10 minutes of being outside!

This little girl was much happier this time around for our photoshoot indoors.

Lily is getting baptized soon and this gown is the same one her mom wore!

How special….I do realize how much I need a good flash to help with indoor pictures so hopefully I can get one soon!

The only time Lily cried the whole time was when we tried to put her on her tummy….little girl did NOT like that!

This was Allan’s idea!


I hope they like the pictures!


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