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Don & Ashleigh’s Wedding

Our friends Don & Ashleigh from church got married on December 21st and we were happy to celebrate their special day with them!

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful since church was already decorated for Christmas!

Don and Ashleigh made a unity cross that was really neat and something neither of us had seen before!

My favorite part was singing Christmas carols by candle light 🙂

Husband and Wife!

Such a happy couple!  We have been blessed to have gotten to know Don and Ashleigh through church and truly treasure our friendship with them.

I found that dress at Target on clearance for $9 and paired with a new black cardigan worked perfect for a winter wedding!  And I was happy because my hair is finally getting long enough to curl again!

Their reception was absolutely beautiful and I LOVED their centerpieces and definitely wishe I could replicate it for our table at home!

I loved their cake…and it reminded me a lot of our cake so maybe that’s why!

Super cute place cards as well…I absolutely loved their Christmas theme!

We were happy to have a chance to visit with our small group leaders Terri and Rob.  Rob is one of our pastors at church, and he and Terri are such a wonderful couple who love the Lord and we are so thankful that they lead our group!

Rob found the life-sized gingerbread house!

Don and Ashleigh’s first dance

Bouquet toss…take a wild guess which song was playing during this….why yes, it was ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyonce

Bob and Don

Bob, Don, Ashleigh, and Kelly

We had a great time and look forward to spending more time with the newly married couple!



I am finally finishing up posting about our trip to Aspen….

This was the view from our hotel….it was absolutely breathtaking!

Our last day, Aspen had gotten over 10 inches of snow….so everything looked beautiful!

We literally walked to Aspen Mountain from where we were staying and weren’t the only ones walking around in our gear! It is such a neat little town and you can tell all of the locals love living there!

They are HUGE on public transportation, and once you get to Aspen you really have no need for a car because either you can walk or take one of the free public buses!  We took a bus over to Snowmass for our second day of skiing and it was SO easy!  All of the buses have ski/snowboard racks on the outside so you don’t have to mess with anything!

Another shot from just outside our hotel….

We stayed at the Limelight and had a great experience!

The lobby had some cute and classy Christmas decorations and just felt so cozy!

We ended up eating two dinners at their Bar & Grille and the personal pizzas were amazing!  I got a Margherita and Bob ordered a spicy pepperoni!

The first night we got there, we ate dinner at L’Hosteria, and Italian restaurant that was SOO good!

Definitely one of the best Italian restaurants I have ever eaten at…including restaurants in Italy!  I had their Tagliatelli, and Bob ordered the Spinach Tortillini….absolutely delicious!  It was too dark to take pictures of our meal…but trust me…it was delicious!

After dinner…we knew we had to find somewhere to get dessert and happened upon Paradise Bakery

They had amazing gelato…I ordered the ginger cookie and couldn’t believe how good it was!

We stopped and ate our gelato at one of the outdoor fire pits that are always burning…so cute!

And I will admit…we walked back to Paradise Bakery during a huge snowstorm to get more gelato on a different night 🙂

Merry Christmas!

Today I am linking up with Faith for her Christmas Card Carousel and Kelly for her Show Us Your Life series to share our Christmas Card this year!

Right after we took these pictures in November, I ordered them and after a LONG wait received them and couldn’t have been more excited to send out our picture and letter!  One of my FAVORITE things during the Christmas season is Christmas cards, and this year has been so much fun!  I rush out the the mailbox every day once I wake up and I am sure cars passing by are wondering why a crazy lady in pajamas is checking the mail at 4 o’clock in the afternoon!  I treasure each and every card we get from our family and friends.

Aspen Mountain and Snowmass

Bob and I spent back-to-back days on the mountains and I will be the first to admit I am NOT in snowboarding shape!  I was SO sore and am finally feeling better!

Bob is such a faster skier than I am on my snowboard, and after a little frustration the first day we figured out a perfect solution!  The long chairlift had a ‘pit-stop’ about two-thirds of the way up, so I would get off, Bob would continue all the way up to the top of the mountain and then we would meet at the bottom.

Bob kept the camera in his pocket because I tend to fall every once in awhile (or more often if I will admit it) and I didn’t want to break it!

We got one of the workers to snap a few pictures for us!

The best part was that I was able to rest a little bit in between runs while I was waiting for Bob…and get some time to soak in the surroundings!

This was a rare sight on the chairlift…as usually we were ducked down and had our face covered since it was cold out!

Like this 🙂

Bob is such a great skier….he puts me to shame and I wish I could keep up with him!

When we were at Snowmass, it started snowing and eventually Aspen would get almost a foot of snow but we just caught the beginning on the hill.

The city of Aspen from Aspen Mountain

When we were at Aspen Mountain, one of the workers had a grill at the top of the mountain and was grilling free hot dogs for lunch!  Honestly, the best hot dog I have ever eaten!

Snowmass had a LONG run that just about killed my legs every time…but once they stopped burning I wanted to do it again and again!

Hanging Lake

Bob and I headed out to Aspen last week Wednesday and were SO excited to get into the mountains.

I had found a hiking spot, Hanging Lake, that I wanted to stop at on the way out…and we were NOT disappointed!

The start of the trail was gorgeous….with mountains surrounding us on all sides and a gorgeous blue river running through

It was pretty steep and rocky, but luckily there wasn’t much snow at the base of the hike.  I had managed to forget to bring regular shoes, and just had my Uggs!  We ran across a few other hikers, some who had ice spikes on the bottoms of their hiking shoes, and I just had to laugh comparing my shoes to theirs!

Everything was so pretty!

I definitely got winded a few times, and surprise, surprise Bob had to stop and wait for me a bit!

Once we reached Hanging Lake, it was all worth it!  Seriously…it was absolutely gorgeous!

The lake itself was clear blue and you could see straight to the bottom….

The pictures truly do not do it justice!

Luckily, there were a few other hikers that got up there shortly after we did so we were able to get a picture together!

I couldn’t get enough of the water….

I got one last shot before we headed to the next spot…we were in somewhat of a time crunch since it was almost 4 o’clock at the time and I did NOT want to be climbing back down the mountain in the dark!

The next spot we hiked to was just a few hundred yards away and was called Spouting Rock and was so neat!

The water came directly out of the cliff…and you can see in this picture how tall it was compared to Bob!

Self timer came in handy and managed to get a good shot! (you should see the 20 outtakes of me waving for Bob to hurry up… 🙂 )

As we were heading back down, the sun was setting and the colors were beautiful

This hike is definitely a MUST if you are driving on I-70 in Colorado!

Bob decided he wanted to do some rock climbing….

Our 16 hour drive would not have been complete without a stop at my favorite fast food place…SONIC!  Since it was morning when we stopped, I didn’t have my favorite Powerade slush and instead enjoyed sweet potato tater tots! Yum!

‘B’ Family Pics

This past Saturday, Bob and I (he is my wonderful assistant) took pictures of the ‘B’ Family…you might remember Lily from here when she was only a month old.  Now this precious girly is 3 months old, and Lindsey wanted a picture to use for their Christmas card


So out we went to the nature preserve to snap a few pictures!

Lily was just content the whole time even though it was pretty cold out!

This is my favorite picture from the day…Allan is just too cute with Lily!

Absolutely precious!

I thought we got quite a few pictures within 10 minutes of being outside!

This little girl was much happier this time around for our photoshoot indoors.

Lily is getting baptized soon and this gown is the same one her mom wore!

How special….I do realize how much I need a good flash to help with indoor pictures so hopefully I can get one soon!

The only time Lily cried the whole time was when we tried to put her on her tummy….little girl did NOT like that!

This was Allan’s idea!


I hope they like the pictures!