My mom, Bob, and I took the oldest 4 ‘J’ kids skating on Saturday afternoon and had a great time!  It had been YEARS since any of us adults had skated…and the kids really put us in our place!

Annalisa and Bob

Noah and Aedan

Mom and Clarabella

Aedan, Noah, Kelly, & Annalisa (Bob and Clarabella were taking a break)

We played tag over the 2 hours that we were skating and had so much fun!  I was scared to fall since it is a LONG way down…and only managed to fall the one time Bob pulled me down (although he would argue that it was ME that pulled him down!)

We attempted one with all 4 kids…but with one shot we didn’t get too lucky!

Me and the girls

I felt bad for Bob since he was skating with skates that were a size too small!  The rental shop only had a size 10, so his feet were squished in and he suffered through!

Kelly & Annalisa


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