‘M’ Fall Family Pictures!

Last Saturday, I drove down to meet the ‘M’ family for some fall pictures.  You might remember these cuties from this summer….and I couldn’t believe how much the twins have grown in a matter of a few short months!  They turned 3 in October and are still FULL of energy!

Trying to get 3 kids to smile, positioned correctly, and all looking is NOT an easy task!  But I think I managed to get something they could use for a Christmas card!

Derek (the dad) was sure that we could be done shooting after 6 pictures…and I think this might have been in the first 20 or so 🙂

It is amazing how much a few months can change picture taking!  Things were much less chaotic this time (but I had two helpers with me…Bob and Emily).  Bob and Emily tried their hardest to get the kids looking and smiling…and they did a great job!

Sibling love

So cute!

Ben and Brianna

I can’t believe how grown up the twins are….and how cute too!

Such love between them too!

By this time…I think all 3 kiddos were ready to be done!

All smiles!

Emily with the kiddos.

Roxy and Bri




Emily with the M Family.  Emily baby-sits for their family, and has helped their family since Jenna was born…and Roxy took care of Emily and her brother when they were little.  What a special connection!


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