Since we have an anniversary ski trip to Aspen, CO planned in a few weeks, we decided to keep our actual anniversary, the 12th, pretty low key…..

Bob came home with these beautiful roses for me…what a winner!

We went to Axel’s for dinner and had a wonderful meal!  Bob ordered a steak and immediately declared it the best steak he has ever had! I ordered their Spicy Chicken Penne (which I have had before and knew I liked) and it did not disappoint!

I tried to take pictures of our meals, but the lighting was low and they didn’t turn out (because I refused to use the flash 🙂 )

Our waitress was so nice and when she found out it was our first anniversary, she brought out their signature dessert, Death by Chocolate.  It was amazing and definitely rivaled our favorite Warm Chocolate Melting Cake from the Carnival cruise line!

We came home happy, and after stopping for a DVD at Redbox, settled in for the night.

We picked out What to Expect When You’re Expecting

(image from IMDB)

I had seen this in the theater and Bob said he enjoyed it…the humor is hilarious and even though I fell asleep this time around I laughed at the parts that I saw!

Although we were a little hesitant to participate in this anniversary tradition, we had pulled our wedding cake top out of the deep freeze on Saturday to allow it to thaw.

Surprisingly it looked pretty good considering it had been frozen 365 days earlier!

One year ago it looked like this 🙂

Sadly, the bakery that we used, Colligan’s, had to close but I will definitely attest to the fact that they made AMAZING cakes!

I let Bob do they honors of cutting the cake…mostly so I could be on camera duty!

We couldn’t remember what flavor this top layer was because the original 4 tier cake had multiple flavors….

And it was raspberry-vanilla!  We shared some cake, and I was happily surprised at how good it was!

We had a wonderful 1st anniversary, and look forward to celebrating many more years together!


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