Happy Halloween

I have really been slacking in blogging…but I am back on track (hopefully) and can stay caught up!

I just got home from driving my grandparents down to their house in Florida and after a busy busy week getting them settled, finally got home last night.  But right before I left, Bob and I had fun carving our pumpkins that we had picked at the pumpkin patch earlier in October!

We got to work and my artistic skills (or lack thereof) definitely showed at the end!

I had picked a little pumpkin so it took me far less time to scoop all of the ‘guts’ out!  Since last year at this time, we were in the final days preparing for our wedding we didn’t carve any pumpkins so we enjoyed it this year!

He was all business…I think by this time I had already finished carving my whole pumpkin!

The finished products! Like I mentioned, my pumpkin definitely shows my lack of artistic ability but we had fun carving them!

Our 2012 pumpkins! (we were a little pressed for time so I am all dressed for work!)

Our front porch was all ready for trick-or-treaters but sadly we didn’t have any kids come!  Bob was by himself and had gone out and bought some big candy bars but I guess we will have to eat them all by ourselves!


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