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My mom, Bob, and I took the oldest 4 ‘J’ kids skating on Saturday afternoon and had a great time!  It had been YEARS since any of us adults had skated…and the kids really put us in our place!

Annalisa and Bob

Noah and Aedan

Mom and Clarabella

Aedan, Noah, Kelly, & Annalisa (Bob and Clarabella were taking a break)

We played tag over the 2 hours that we were skating and had so much fun!  I was scared to fall since it is a LONG way down…and only managed to fall the one time Bob pulled me down (although he would argue that it was ME that pulled him down!)

We attempted one with all 4 kids…but with one shot we didn’t get too lucky!

Me and the girls

I felt bad for Bob since he was skating with skates that were a size too small!  The rental shop only had a size 10, so his feet were squished in and he suffered through!

Kelly & Annalisa



Bob and I headed to Wisconsin to celebrate with the ‘W’ family for Thanksgiving this year.  It had been 3 years since I had been there to celebrate, and was Bob’s first time so we were both excited!

My mom and I had been training to run in the annual Turkey Trot 5 mile race (having done it multiple years prior) and although we were not happy to get up at 5:45 to drive to Appleton and run, we still had a great time!

My mom, myself, and Jake ran in the 5 mile race

It was actually really warm, over 40 degrees, that early in the morning!  I just had the long-sleeved shirt on, shorts, and I took off my fleece headband about halfway through the race because I got hot!

Dad and Bob were participated in the 2 mile walk and they said it was SO crowded (even more-so than the 5 mile)  I just looked at the results and there were 2,447 runners in the 5 mile race!!

Bob snapped this picture before the runners left…it was absolutely crazy!  I am used to running in small races with about 200-300 runners.  My mom and I ran together the whole time, and it took us the first 2 miles just to separate from the crowd! We ran on the sidewalk for that part, just so we didn’t have to dodge everyone!

But we had a fun time, and finished exactly at our goal time so that was great!  Jake did awesome and came in SECOND place in the whole race!! We are so proud of him! (he could definitely have ran the race two times in the same amount of time it took us to run the 5 miles)

After the race, we went to Amma’s to get ready for the big day!  Mom and Dad wanted a picture for their Christmas card so we went outside and I snapped this one….

Dad was a little tuckered out from his 2 mile walk, and took a little nap 🙂

3 generations

We took a few more pictures before going over to my Aunt Su and Uncle Jim’s for the big meal.

Kelly, Amma, & Bob

Our 2nd Thanksgiving!

We had an amazing meal, and just enjoyed the wonderful company!  There were only 10 of us, so it was great to just sit around the table and talk and laugh!

Susie, Mark, Kelly, Bob, & Jake


My dad always jokes that my Aunt Su and I are not a good combination together…but I disagree!  We are both nurses, love to shop, and both LOVE to pick on my dad!  She is the greatest!

We had a great Thanksgiving day…and went home happy!  We did do a little black Friday shopping on our way home…and then my mom and I woke up at 3:30am to shop in the morning hours!  We have found this to be THE BEST thing ever!  The crazy crowds are gone from the stores opening at 8pm, and it is before the crowds start up again in the morning!  We got home around 6:15, climbed back in bed, and I still woke up at the same time as Bob!  We scored some awesome deals and I now am almost done with my Christmas shopping!

Welcome Laila!

Our friends Rob and Laura welcomed their baby girl, Laila, a month ago and we all have been super busy these past 4 weeks that Bob and I just were able to meet sweet Laila and give them their baby gift (a personalized fleece blanket…what else!)

She is such a precious doll and I held her the whole time, and she was so content!  It was great getting to catch up with Rob and Laura, and we look forward to spending more time with all 3 of them soon!

Such a precious sweetheart!


After we finished with the ‘M’ family, Bob, Emily, and I decided to do a photoshoot as well!

Love this picture of Emily and me!

The weather couldn’t have been nicer for November!  It was 68 degrees and sunny outside!

The park we went to was absolutely gorgeous as well…

Em and I had a little fun doing some ‘jumping’ pics!

And Bob and I were able to get a picture together that I LOVE!

This picture just cracks me up…I can count 17 turkeys that were in our neighbors yard when we left for church on Sunday morning!

‘M’ Fall Family Pictures!

Last Saturday, I drove down to meet the ‘M’ family for some fall pictures.  You might remember these cuties from this summer….and I couldn’t believe how much the twins have grown in a matter of a few short months!  They turned 3 in October and are still FULL of energy!

Trying to get 3 kids to smile, positioned correctly, and all looking is NOT an easy task!  But I think I managed to get something they could use for a Christmas card!

Derek (the dad) was sure that we could be done shooting after 6 pictures…and I think this might have been in the first 20 or so 🙂

It is amazing how much a few months can change picture taking!  Things were much less chaotic this time (but I had two helpers with me…Bob and Emily).  Bob and Emily tried their hardest to get the kids looking and smiling…and they did a great job!

Sibling love

So cute!

Ben and Brianna

I can’t believe how grown up the twins are….and how cute too!

Such love between them too!

By this time…I think all 3 kiddos were ready to be done!

All smiles!

Emily with the kiddos.

Roxy and Bri




Emily with the M Family.  Emily baby-sits for their family, and has helped their family since Jenna was born…and Roxy took care of Emily and her brother when they were little.  What a special connection!


Since we have an anniversary ski trip to Aspen, CO planned in a few weeks, we decided to keep our actual anniversary, the 12th, pretty low key…..

Bob came home with these beautiful roses for me…what a winner!

We went to Axel’s for dinner and had a wonderful meal!  Bob ordered a steak and immediately declared it the best steak he has ever had! I ordered their Spicy Chicken Penne (which I have had before and knew I liked) and it did not disappoint!

I tried to take pictures of our meals, but the lighting was low and they didn’t turn out (because I refused to use the flash 🙂 )

Our waitress was so nice and when she found out it was our first anniversary, she brought out their signature dessert, Death by Chocolate.  It was amazing and definitely rivaled our favorite Warm Chocolate Melting Cake from the Carnival cruise line!

We came home happy, and after stopping for a DVD at Redbox, settled in for the night.

We picked out What to Expect When You’re Expecting

(image from IMDB)

I had seen this in the theater and Bob said he enjoyed it…the humor is hilarious and even though I fell asleep this time around I laughed at the parts that I saw!

Although we were a little hesitant to participate in this anniversary tradition, we had pulled our wedding cake top out of the deep freeze on Saturday to allow it to thaw.

Surprisingly it looked pretty good considering it had been frozen 365 days earlier!

One year ago it looked like this 🙂

Sadly, the bakery that we used, Colligan’s, had to close but I will definitely attest to the fact that they made AMAZING cakes!

I let Bob do they honors of cutting the cake…mostly so I could be on camera duty!

We couldn’t remember what flavor this top layer was because the original 4 tier cake had multiple flavors….

And it was raspberry-vanilla!  We shared some cake, and I was happily surprised at how good it was!

We had a wonderful 1st anniversary, and look forward to celebrating many more years together!

1st Anniversary!

One year ago today, I said ‘I Do’ to my wonderful and loving husband!  I couldn’t have imagined how quickly this past year has flown and we have enjoyed every minute!

We have been so blessed and have been able to travel, spend lots of time with family and friends, and simply enjoy our time together…. I compiled a few ‘favorites’ from the last year

Our wedding pictures turned out so amazing and I give so much credit towards Robert Michael Photography

As I write this, it just brings a smile to my face remembering these precious times that I will never ever forget!

I will treasure these photos forever….

Now for a recap of the past year and how much fun we have had!

We went on a Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon, and stayed in New Orleans for a day before we left…we had a blast!

We went to Chichen Itza in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico and LOVED it!

In Cozumel, Mexico we soaked up the sun snorkeling and had fun zip-lining through the jungle!

Celebrating our first Christmas together, and going to the Holidazzle parade downtown (even though it was freezing outside!)

Enjoying a Packer game together at Lambeau…Bob has grown to love going to Lambeau (but that does NOT mean that he is a Packer fan!)

Once again we attended MANY of our friends weddings, and enjoyed each one.  I definitely have such a greater appreciation for weddings now that we are married!

Easter with Bob’s family is such a special time and we look forward to many many more in the future!

We only went to one Twins game this year, and the Twins even won! (the Twins weren’t so hot this year)

Bob surprised me with a Canon Rebel T3i camera and I have LOVED having it!  Best gift ever!

In April, we took a trip to Arizona and it was the first time either of us had been to the Grand Canyon.  Hiking down into the canyon (not the whole way) was definitely a highlight of the trip!

We hiked a TON in Arizona, and loved the views in the Superstition Mountains

This past summer was jam packed with everything fun!  We LOVE the water and spent so much time jet-skiing, wakeboarding, skiing, and tubing.  Every second we could be out on the water we were!

In July, we went to Duluth for a weekend camping trip, and after a few (minor) issues we enjoyed the time together and once again loved hiking!

In August, we went to New York (Long Island) and fell in love with Fire Island and the awesome beach there!

We spent 2 days swimming in the ocean, and our Midwestern skin did NOT appreciate that!

We went into NYC and enjoyed the view of the city from the top of the Empire State Building….

We stopped at Coney Island and rode the Cyclone!

We loved every minute of our vacation!

We wrapped up the summer with a trip to the MN State Fair, which is Bob’s highlight of the year…every year!

We filled our fall with more fun weddings…..

We enjoyed all things fall this October including carving pumpkins, going to a corn maze, and loving the cool weather!

This year truly has been the best year of my life, and I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful, generous, and loving man by my side each and every day.

Florida trip

I volunteered to drive my grandparents down to their house in Florida where they winter at, and after a little convincing, my grandma decided that she would take me up on it!

We spent a LONG time in the car together….

And for parts of the trip my company looked like this 🙂

I was so excited when we got down South and we stopped at Chick-fil-a for lunch!  I definitely wish we had CFA here in MN! (and yes I have been to the one in the airport here…but let me just say that is NOT convenient to stop by for lunch!)

I just LOVE their waffle fries!

We had a lot of unexpected things go wrong once we got down to Florida and most of our time during the day was spent fixing those (new stove, kitchen faucet, car door fixed, etc…)

But at night we made time for some fun!  I absolutely love to play shuffleboard and my grandma and I met up with their friends Bob and Barb for some competition!  Bob and I ended up beating Barb and grandma the first game, and they won the second.

One of my other favorite ‘Southern’ things is Sonic!  We have a few up here, but they are quite a drive away so I always take advantage of having a Sonic minutes from the house!  I didn’t get my favorite sweet potato tater tots, but enjoyed a Powerade slush (during happy hour of course!)

On the morning that I had to fly out, we played a quick 9 holes of golf and I enjoyed the sunshine so much!

Grandma and Grandpa love to play golf and play pretty much every day year round.  I pretty much only play when I am with them, but always wonder why I don’t play more because I really enjoy it!

Grandma is pretty much pro, and her short game is phenomenal!

I loved spending time with my grandparents and was so sad to leave. Grandma and I have a special relationship and I look forward to seeing them again soon!

Happy Halloween

I have really been slacking in blogging…but I am back on track (hopefully) and can stay caught up!

I just got home from driving my grandparents down to their house in Florida and after a busy busy week getting them settled, finally got home last night.  But right before I left, Bob and I had fun carving our pumpkins that we had picked at the pumpkin patch earlier in October!

We got to work and my artistic skills (or lack thereof) definitely showed at the end!

I had picked a little pumpkin so it took me far less time to scoop all of the ‘guts’ out!  Since last year at this time, we were in the final days preparing for our wedding we didn’t carve any pumpkins so we enjoyed it this year!

He was all business…I think by this time I had already finished carving my whole pumpkin!

The finished products! Like I mentioned, my pumpkin definitely shows my lack of artistic ability but we had fun carving them!

Our 2012 pumpkins! (we were a little pressed for time so I am all dressed for work!)

Our front porch was all ready for trick-or-treaters but sadly we didn’t have any kids come!  Bob was by himself and had gone out and bought some big candy bars but I guess we will have to eat them all by ourselves!