Fall Fun!

Bethany, Bob, and I had a fun afternoon today….we went to the Waldoch Farm where they had all kinds of fall activities.  It was cloudy, a little rainy, and somewhat chilly but that didn’t keep us away!

We started in the corn maze where they had 2 separate mazes within one field..

We got a tad confused and turned around and decided to take out the map they gave us at the beginning to figure out where we were.  We thought we could do it without the map…ha!

Bethany wanted to try some corn….

We had a fun time…and it didn’t take us too long to figure out where we needed to go!

We used a corn stalk as a makeshift tripod and it did a fairly good job to get a picture of the 3 of us!!

Since the weather was kind of icky we were basically the only people in the maze which was neat!  They had a very intricate cornucopia pattern and also had the words ‘Harvest at Waldoch Farm’ paved in the corn!  It was very impressive….

Bob and Bethany when we got a little lost….

The corn was so neat…

Next we raced on the pedal carts and they were super fun but HARD work!!  We did a 2 lap race and were all breathing hard at the end (and yes Bob was happy because he won).

Then we went on a hayride (minus the hay) out to the pumpkin patch which was fun!

Bethany had already picked out a pumpkin a little while ago, so Bob and I picked out pumpkins in the huge patch…

There were so many pumpkins, I was surprised when Bob found the ‘perfect’ one right away!

After a thorough inspection he deemed it was the ONE….

Meanwhile, I picked out a cute little pumpkin that I wouldn’t get too messy carving it!

They had a cool payscale, instead of weighing the pumpkin and paying by the pound, you simply put your pumpkin through the slot to see how much it was!

Now we just have to carve our pumpkins and we are ready for Halloween!


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