Welcome Declan!

Our friends Bri and Jon gave birth to a sweet little boy, Declan, yesterday!  We are SO happy for them and were thrilled to go meet the little guy last night!  We had been planning on babysitting their 14 month old daughter, Harper, last night so they could go to an anniversary dinner but Declan had other plans and arrived at 9:37am!

This sweet little boy is SO loved!  I got to hold him and feed him and pretty much was in heaven!  He is absolutely perfect!

Bri and Declan

One of the nurses made that little pumpkin hat for him and it was SO cute!  Our friends Rob and Laura were there visiting as well and it was great to see them…they are due with their first baby TODAY so hopefully Laura will deliver soon!

Harper came and loved on her baby brother and it was SO cute!

She is such a cutie and will be a great big sister!

While we were taking turns holding Declan, the guys ate pizza (how typical!)

Declan was just so content and didn’t cry at all!  I was so happy to get to meet and hold him!

We are so happy for Jon and Bri and look forward to watching Declan grow up!


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