Apple Orchard

While we were in Iowa, we went to this cute apple orchard not far from my grandparents house.  Shockingly, this was my first time picking apples and I loved every minute of it!

This little guy enjoyed every bite while picking…good thing we didn’t get weighed as we went in and weighed as we went out!

Bob, Isaac, Matthew, & Steve

We filled that big 5 gallon bucket plus another one!  We mostly picked golden delicious because due to spring frosts their crop was greatly reduced this year and the only ones we could pick were golden and red delicious….good thing golden’s are my favorite!

Grandma and Isaac

It was so nice outside, it was in the 70s and for being almost October that was impressive!

Steve, Isaac, Kelly, Matthew

We picked….and picked

And Bob’s little shadow was never far behind

He also needed a little help to reach the high ones 🙂

They made such a great pair….and definitely picked the best apples of the day!

Picture Perfect

And Isaac just kept working…

We weighed our apples and bought the best apple cider…and were on our way!  It was a great afternoon spent with family!


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