The Shop

My grandma’s cousin, Bill, passed away this past April and the past few months have been super busy for my grandma and my parents as they helped my great-great aunt Be move to a nursing home and get the house she and Bill lived in ready to sell.  Be (who is Bill’s mother) just turned 104 this past September and really has been an inspiration to me and has always had spunk, but these past months without Bill have been tough on her.  If you all could pray for her in her grief as her life has been turned upside down.

Bill’s father was a marine machinist and had an awesome shop that has literally been untouched since the 1960s!  My uncle Steve took us down to the shop to show us around….

Literally untouched from January 1927

Bill’s desk

I had never seen so many drill bits in one place before

I mostly just walked around and snapped pictures (it was pretty much a photographer’s dream in there) while Steve and Bob talked about everything in the shop and how it all worked….

Talk about tools!

This is the view of the entire downstairs of the shop, and I wish I could tell you exactly what was in the picture…but I can’t….

Bill also was a great mechanic and had been working on restoring this John Deere

Bob thought it was pretty cool!

He was also in the process of restoring this Hudson which was beautiful!

It was so neat to see the whole shop as an adult (I had seen it as a kid) and actually have an appreciation for how special it is (and Bob LOVED every minute of it!).


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