Bob and I spent the weekend in Iowa with my grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins.  This was Bob’s first trip to the small town and it was so much fun getting to show him around!

On our way down, we made a pit stop in my parents college town and stopped at their favorite ice cream shop from over 30 years ago!

The Whippy Dip is this awesome little walk up ice cream place, just like what we have in town!  Bob commented that if an ice cream shop has indoor seating, it’s not our kind of place!  We enjoyed a cone, and got back in the car for 2 more hours…

My cousin Matthew played soccer first on Saturday morning and we set an alarm so we were able to watch him play!

Matthew’s team (red) won! And he even scored a goal! (he has the bright orange shoes on…and this is the shot of his goal!)

All business….

Matthew also played goalie and did really well at that also!

And he had the biggest cheering section!  His parents, 2 sets of grandparents, brother, and Bob and me!

Then it was Isaac’s turn to play…and boy oh boy it was like a little mosh-pit playing soccer.  They had 20 kids out on the field and it was insane!  He is only 6 and played really well but the kids just chase around the ball!

Isaac really understands the game which is a plus but I just felt bad for the kids because there were so many of them out there scrambling for the ball!

Nathan was the little kids ref and really did a good job keeping them in line!

Isaac vs 3 blue team players!

Breakaway!  Isaac’s team won as well which was great!

All 3 boys after the games!

That afternoon the boys participated in their town’s Punt, Pass, Kick competition




Isaac won his age group! And Nathan won in his age group as well!

He and Bob got to be really good friends….and Isaac was ALWAYS in the know of where Bob was!  It was soo cute!


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