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Fall Fun!

Bethany, Bob, and I had a fun afternoon today….we went to the Waldoch Farm where they had all kinds of fall activities.  It was cloudy, a little rainy, and somewhat chilly but that didn’t keep us away!

We started in the corn maze where they had 2 separate mazes within one field..

We got a tad confused and turned around and decided to take out the map they gave us at the beginning to figure out where we were.  We thought we could do it without the map…ha!

Bethany wanted to try some corn….

We had a fun time…and it didn’t take us too long to figure out where we needed to go!

We used a corn stalk as a makeshift tripod and it did a fairly good job to get a picture of the 3 of us!!

Since the weather was kind of icky we were basically the only people in the maze which was neat!  They had a very intricate cornucopia pattern and also had the words ‘Harvest at Waldoch Farm’ paved in the corn!  It was very impressive….

Bob and Bethany when we got a little lost….

The corn was so neat…

Next we raced on the pedal carts and they were super fun but HARD work!!  We did a 2 lap race and were all breathing hard at the end (and yes Bob was happy because he won).

Then we went on a hayride (minus the hay) out to the pumpkin patch which was fun!

Bethany had already picked out a pumpkin a little while ago, so Bob and I picked out pumpkins in the huge patch…

There were so many pumpkins, I was surprised when Bob found the ‘perfect’ one right away!

After a thorough inspection he deemed it was the ONE….

Meanwhile, I picked out a cute little pumpkin that I wouldn’t get too messy carving it!

They had a cool payscale, instead of weighing the pumpkin and paying by the pound, you simply put your pumpkin through the slot to see how much it was!

Now we just have to carve our pumpkins and we are ready for Halloween!


Sweet Lily

My friend Emily’s good friend Lindsey had a baby girl a month ago and I was thrilled when she let me take a few pictures of sweet Lily!  I’ve known Lindsey for a few years and it is just SO exciting that she and her husband welcomed such a precious gift.

This sweet little girl is so adorable!

She had had a rough night before I got there, and wanted lots of snuggles from her mama.

Lindsey and Lily

Lily is only a month old but SO interested in everything that is going on around her….

Precious little feet….

Absolutely precious….

The necklace Lily is wearing was from her great-grandma Lillian which was so special!

It was so good to see Emily and Lindsey and get the chance to visit….

As well as taking pictures of this little lady….

I took almost one hundred pictures of this cutie…..

and this was one of my favorites 🙂

Welcome Declan!

Our friends Bri and Jon gave birth to a sweet little boy, Declan, yesterday!  We are SO happy for them and were thrilled to go meet the little guy last night!  We had been planning on babysitting their 14 month old daughter, Harper, last night so they could go to an anniversary dinner but Declan had other plans and arrived at 9:37am!

This sweet little boy is SO loved!  I got to hold him and feed him and pretty much was in heaven!  He is absolutely perfect!

Bri and Declan

One of the nurses made that little pumpkin hat for him and it was SO cute!  Our friends Rob and Laura were there visiting as well and it was great to see them…they are due with their first baby TODAY so hopefully Laura will deliver soon!

Harper came and loved on her baby brother and it was SO cute!

She is such a cutie and will be a great big sister!

While we were taking turns holding Declan, the guys ate pizza (how typical!)

Declan was just so content and didn’t cry at all!  I was so happy to get to meet and hold him!

We are so happy for Jon and Bri and look forward to watching Declan grow up!

Apple Orchard

While we were in Iowa, we went to this cute apple orchard not far from my grandparents house.  Shockingly, this was my first time picking apples and I loved every minute of it!

This little guy enjoyed every bite while picking…good thing we didn’t get weighed as we went in and weighed as we went out!

Bob, Isaac, Matthew, & Steve

We filled that big 5 gallon bucket plus another one!  We mostly picked golden delicious because due to spring frosts their crop was greatly reduced this year and the only ones we could pick were golden and red delicious….good thing golden’s are my favorite!

Grandma and Isaac

It was so nice outside, it was in the 70s and for being almost October that was impressive!

Steve, Isaac, Kelly, Matthew

We picked….and picked

And Bob’s little shadow was never far behind

He also needed a little help to reach the high ones 🙂

They made such a great pair….and definitely picked the best apples of the day!

Picture Perfect

And Isaac just kept working…

We weighed our apples and bought the best apple cider…and were on our way!  It was a great afternoon spent with family!

The Shop

My grandma’s cousin, Bill, passed away this past April and the past few months have been super busy for my grandma and my parents as they helped my great-great aunt Be move to a nursing home and get the house she and Bill lived in ready to sell.  Be (who is Bill’s mother) just turned 104 this past September and really has been an inspiration to me and has always had spunk, but these past months without Bill have been tough on her.  If you all could pray for her in her grief as her life has been turned upside down.

Bill’s father was a marine machinist and had an awesome shop that has literally been untouched since the 1960s!  My uncle Steve took us down to the shop to show us around….

Literally untouched from January 1927

Bill’s desk

I had never seen so many drill bits in one place before

I mostly just walked around and snapped pictures (it was pretty much a photographer’s dream in there) while Steve and Bob talked about everything in the shop and how it all worked….

Talk about tools!

This is the view of the entire downstairs of the shop, and I wish I could tell you exactly what was in the picture…but I can’t….

Bill also was a great mechanic and had been working on restoring this John Deere

Bob thought it was pretty cool!

He was also in the process of restoring this Hudson which was beautiful!

It was so neat to see the whole shop as an adult (I had seen it as a kid) and actually have an appreciation for how special it is (and Bob LOVED every minute of it!).


Bob and I spent the weekend in Iowa with my grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins.  This was Bob’s first trip to the small town and it was so much fun getting to show him around!

On our way down, we made a pit stop in my parents college town and stopped at their favorite ice cream shop from over 30 years ago!

The Whippy Dip is this awesome little walk up ice cream place, just like what we have in town!  Bob commented that if an ice cream shop has indoor seating, it’s not our kind of place!  We enjoyed a cone, and got back in the car for 2 more hours…

My cousin Matthew played soccer first on Saturday morning and we set an alarm so we were able to watch him play!

Matthew’s team (red) won! And he even scored a goal! (he has the bright orange shoes on…and this is the shot of his goal!)

All business….

Matthew also played goalie and did really well at that also!

And he had the biggest cheering section!  His parents, 2 sets of grandparents, brother, and Bob and me!

Then it was Isaac’s turn to play…and boy oh boy it was like a little mosh-pit playing soccer.  They had 20 kids out on the field and it was insane!  He is only 6 and played really well but the kids just chase around the ball!

Isaac really understands the game which is a plus but I just felt bad for the kids because there were so many of them out there scrambling for the ball!

Nathan was the little kids ref and really did a good job keeping them in line!

Isaac vs 3 blue team players!

Breakaway!  Isaac’s team won as well which was great!

All 3 boys after the games!

That afternoon the boys participated in their town’s Punt, Pass, Kick competition




Isaac won his age group! And Nathan won in his age group as well!

He and Bob got to be really good friends….and Isaac was ALWAYS in the know of where Bob was!  It was soo cute!