Stephen and Kirstin’s Wedding

My good friend Kirstin got married yesterday and Bob and I had a great time at their wedding.  Kirstin and I went to college together and worked together at our first jobs for almost a year.  We also traveled to Europe together!  Her husband Stephen is so fun, and the few times that all 4 of us spent time together we always had fun!

Kirstin and her parents walking her down the aisle.  She looked absolutely beautiful!

As you can tell from all the heads in the picture, we were seated towards the back so my picture taking opportunities were VERY limited!

Their first kiss as a MARRIED couple!

We are so happy for Kirstin and Stephen!  You can tell in this picture how happy they are together!

Emily, Kelly, Mariah

I had been looking forward to Kirstin’s wedding for MONTHS to see these girls!  Emily and Mariah are classmates and I miss seeing them SO much!  We had so much fun catching up and hopefully it won’t be 10 months before I see them again!!

They had this cute trolley to take the wedding party over to the Arboretum where the reception was.

Everything went perfectly (that we could see!)

Nurses! (Linde is added to this picture)

Rob, Katie, Kelly, and Bob

We were also excited to see our friends Katie and Rob who just got engaged last week!!  We are so happy for them and look forward to their wedding!

Rob and Katie

Bob and me

Mariah and Ben

We had fun in the Arboretum during the cocktail hour…the flowers were gorgeous!

Mariah and me

The reception hall was absolutely gorgeous and Kirstin had so many little touches that made it so special!

Their cake was gorgeous and was delicious as well! (I remember Kirstin showing me a picture from a Bridal magazine of this cake!)

Everything was just so perfect!

Their food was probably the best wedding food that I have ever had.  The chicken was to-die-for….

The namecards were adorable!

Bob and me

Katie, Kirstin, and Kelly (you can imagine how tough it was for our coworkers to keep us straight when we all started working at the same time!)

First dance

Emily, Linde, Kirstin, Mariah, and Kelly

We had a great time and wish Stephen and Kirstin the best in their new life together!


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