Brian and Mandy’s Wedding

It surely is wedding season in our house…and we were blessed to be a part of Brian and Mandy’s beautiful wedding this past weekend.  Brian is one of Bob’s oldest friends and Bob was happy when Brian asked him to be a groomsman.

Mandy’s family owns a resort in Northern Wisconsin, and it is only a half hour away from our family’s cabin so we were able to stay at the cabin and enjoy visiting with my parents as well!

I hardly took any pictures from the rehearsal, but this rainbow was too gorgeous to pass up!!  The wedding was held at Mandy’s family resort with the ceremony on the lakefront.

Vincent, Jordan, and Bob

The rehearsal went well, and Pastor Mary (who married us, and is my brother-in-law’s mother) did a great job of instructing everyone.  We enjoyed a FABULOUS Italian dinner (homemade by Brian’s family) and just had a great time visiting with everyone.

Ryan and Bob

The guys were all flustered and couldn’t figure out how to tie their bowties but my wonderful husband came to the rescue and did what he does best, he Googled it!  Sure enough he figured it out and then proceeded to tie each and every bowtie…what a guy!

The guys did a few pictures before the ceremony (I loved the little ringbearer…he was SO cute and well-behaved!)

Carl and Brian

Brian and Ryan

Bob and Brian

Jordan and Brian

Sweet Jordan (her umbrella said ‘Here Comes the Bride)

AJ looked adorable!

Jordan, Carl, Bob, and Ryan

****I know all of these photos are dark but I couldn’t use a flash due to the photographer***

The day of the wedding, we prayed so hard that the rain would stop for the ceremony after it poured for an hour so we quickly dried off all of the seats, fluffed and straightened all of the bows on the chairs, and waited….

Praying with Pastor Mary before the ceremony

During this pre-ceremony time I tried to find things to keep me busy and went around taking pictures of all of the cute touches!

Mandy’s dad built this awesome Tiki Bar that was just outside of the reception tent….

It got a lot of use!  Her dad was telling us that he surprised her by building it without her knowing and blindfolded her to unveil it!  How neat!

The reception tent was gorgeous and they did a great job decorating it!

Each table had these beautiful centerpieces

The candy bar was definitely the hot-spot of the evening and was so cute!

There were so many cute details…

So adorable!

The cake was made and designed by Brian’s mom, Mickey and turned out so cute!

And it was delicious!  Vanilla with raspberry filling.

Like I mentioned before, sometime I am going to do a whole post on all of the wedding pictures Bob and I have together…I love this one though!  The dress I am wearing was the same one I wore for our rehearsal dinner and it is definitely a favorite of mine! (I just added a long-sleeve wrap since it was 60 degrees!)

Bob and Angela (Brian’s sister) walked down the aisle together

Cute programs….

It was a little awkward for me during the dinner and reception because Bob was gone due to being a groomsman and I didn’t know anyone else…but everyone was so friendly and I was just happy when Bob rejoined me after dinner!




RT (Mandy’s brother)


Mandy looked absolutely gorgeous!

The bride

It still was not raining at this point, but no sooner than did Pastor Mary start the ceremony the rain started as well.  My camera went away as well, so I don’t have any pictures really from the ceremony until the end!

Husband and Wife!

Beautiful Bridesmaids

The whole wedding party

Wedding party again (the rain had let up again by this point)

So cute!

Brian and the girls

Mandy and the guys

So cute!

The happy couple

Bob, Pastor Mary, and Kelly

I love this picture!

Bob and Brian

I think this picture is my favorite from the whole weekend!

First Dance

Kelly, Bob, Brian, and Mandy

We are so happy for Brian and Mandy and look forward to spending time with them as 2 married couples!

My parents stopped in to give their congratulations at the request of the groom and my dad was thrilled to get to chat with Carl!

We had such a great time, enjoyed some wonderful food, danced a lot, and simply enjoyed the company!


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