Labor Day

We had a great weekend Up North and it was so hard pulling away knowing that summer has come to an end…I can not believe that it is already September!!

We had fun on the jetski, although I only took it out a few times because it is Bob’s favorite!  I sat on the dock and finished two books while Bob did donuts in the bay in front of me!

Bob has gotten so good at slaloming and we are already looking forward to next year and getting back out on the water!

We also got plenty of use out of our new wakeboard…the water was so calm on Saturday and Monday so every minute was spent out on the water!

We would literally rotate between the 3 of us (my mom, Bob, and myself) and just keep going until we were too tired!

My mom was awesome skiing!  I am so proud of her that she started slaloming again this year after not doing it for over 15 years!

Bob had bought a used kiteboard for $35 and I thought it was such a waste of money.  I was certain that we would not be able to do anything with it since it has no bindings…but we both popped right up on it and had a blast!  It doesn’t cut very well outside of the wake but it was still really fun! AND the best part was that it doesn’t hurt when you fall since you aren’t strapped in!  Wakeboarding is still better…but it was fun to try something new!

This happened a few times this weekend… 🙂

Dad did a lot of spotting (while reading…) and enjoyed the sun and he also got to ride the hotdog which is his favorite!

Sunday night we played mini-golf at a local course and had fun….Dad decided he didn’t want to play so he was the official scorekeeper

There was a touch of competition between the 3 of us…but we still managed to have a ton of fun!

Grandma would have been disappointed in our putting….

And probably my stature….

At the end of the 18th hole…the scores were tallied up and the winner was BOB!  UGH….I was bummed but he beat me by 3 strokes (although I beat him in the back 9)

Next time I will win (and maybe we will get closer to par!)

On our way home from the cabin we called the J family and decided to meet up for supper!  We had a great time visiting with them and it was so nice to see everyone since it had been over 2 months!

Of course we had to get ice cream…and Gabriel loved every bite!

We had such a great end of summer get-away and look forward to this fall and everything that we (already) have planned!


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