State Fair

Unbeknownst to me up until recently, the MN State Fair is a HUGE deal.  I had never gone to a fair (that I could remember), nor quite understood the excitement that was centered around this annual event.

But my Minnesota-born husband, lives and breathes the fair.  He looks forward to these ‘glorious’ twelve days with anticipation but also with dread as it marks the end of summer.  We have had such a busy and fun summer and were so blessed to be able to spend so much time with our closest family and friends, and seeing it come to a close is always a tough pill to swallow.

So off to the fair we went…and Bob had a little extra bounce in his step the entire 6 hours!  We enjoyed some great food…of course not missing the corn on the cob (which was delicious as usual!)

It is crazy to think how many ears of corn are sold during the fair….

We stopped by the Kare 11 barn where Bob posed for a picture with his fellow Husky grad Sven Sungaard and I happily got a squished penny of Eric Perkins (another anchor).  My first penny with someone’s portrait….very interesting

We met up with two of my friends from work, Liz and Carrie, but mostly just wandered around by ourselves trying different food and going on a few rides.

My favorite place is the Miracle of Birth Center where they have all kinds of baby farm animals….they are just all so cute!

The piglets were my favorite, and some of them were SO tiny because they had been born just a few hours before!

We enjoyed my favorite sweet potato tater tots from O’Gara’s (I definitely look forward to these all year!)

And tried a Red Velvet Funnel Cake (which was new this year and I will not be getting again)

Bob enjoyed his endless milk for $1

I wanted to go on these swings so badly but the line was SO long and I was not willing to wait…so maybe next year!

So instead we went on the Skywheel which is a double Ferris Wheel and is shockingly scary!  One of our favorites for sure…

I wasn’t brave enough to pull out my big camera at the top, but snapped a quick picture of the Midway….

And Midway from ground level….

We also rode this rollercoaster which I would HIGHLY recommend doing BEFORE you have a belly full of fair food… 🙂

We had a great time but my feet were tired when we got home…and it wasn’t too long before we both fell asleep!

Until next year State Fair!


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