Debbie and Terry’s Wedding

This past weekend Bob and I were happy to attend the wedding of our friend’s Debbie and Terry.  Bob went to college/post-grad with Debbie and they currently work together!

Debbie and Terry are so fun to spend time with and we have been looking forward to their wedding for a long time!

The handsome groom

Beautiful bridesmaids Liz and Nicole

Debbie looked absolutely beautiful but I was disappointed because I couldn’t get the perfect angle for a picture!

Debbie is originally from India and her parents were able to fly in earlier this summer and play a special role in the wedding.

Bob’s co-worker Pam’s husband played the guitar throughout the ceremony and he was fabulous!

Debbie looked gorgeous!

So did our friend Liz

Lighting the unity candle

The vows….the officiant was a really good friend of Debbie and Bob’s who they went to school with!  He and his wife (who is expecting their first baby!) flew in from California for the big day which was really special!

It’s official!

Liz, Andrew, and sweet baby Owen

Work friends!

Kylin, Phil, Owen, Liz, Eric, Bob, Debbie, Hans, Sirisha, Chris, Dan, Tzu

Bob and myself

(I think I should make a whole post of pictures of us from our friend’s weddings!)

Their reception was at a bowling alley…and we got to BOWL!  It was awesome!

I watched Owen so that the guys could go play the arcade games!  I was one happy guest!

The Mr. & Mrs!

Their head table was ON the bowling lanes…how awesome is that!?

First dance….

We were all so excited to get to go bowling and I’m sure we all looked crazy in our dress/suits putting bowling shoes on!!

I had to work that night but we fit in 2 rounds and Bob will be the first to admit that bowling is not his strong suit (nor is it mine…but at least I beat him!)

A great time was had by all and we are so happy for Debbie and Terry!


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