50th Anniversary

This weekend, my parents and Amma came to visit for my great Uncle and Aunt’s 50th Anniversary Party.  It had been almost 2 months since I had seen my parents and even longer since we had seen Amma so it was so nice to have time to visit!

Bob, Kelly, & Amma

We went to the Sculpture Garden and walked around for a little while.

Dad, Mom, & Amma

I got strict orders that the caption of this photo is supposed to be ‘A Rose Between Two Thorns’….gosh he is so creative!

When we got to the garden there was a wedding being held by the Cherry on the Spoon so on our way out we were able to snap a picture quick!

Saturday morning, Bob went out to get his haircut and came home with this!  I was so excited and Saturday night my parents, Bob, and I (Amma had already gone to sleep) started watching it.  Well, my mom and dad didn’t last too long, so it was just Bob and me that finished it!

I had seen the movie in theaters and just finished re-reading the book so it was so much fun to watch! Now I’m looking forward to the next one!

Sunday morning we headed to church and stopped by Panera for a quick lunch before the party in the afternoon.

Uncle Putsie and Aunt Eloise

Aunt Eloise had her dress on display as well as the bridesmaid’s dresses!  They were so pretty…and definitely the style from the 60’s!

I loved the tiara she wore 50 years ago!  In 50 years it will be so interesting to see what the styles are like and I am sure my dress will be SO outdated!

They had a band play and it was so much fun watching the little kids dance their little hearts away!

Uncle Bruce and Krista had fun dancing too!

Lukas and William

I tried to get all the ‘littles’ to get a picture together and this is what I got….

Ava, Sasha, William, Sean, Lukas, Zoe, and Mollie

It is so fun having little kids around and they were having an absolute blast playing together!

Mark, Susie, Kelly, Bob, and Jake

My cousin Mark recently started dating Susie so it was so nice finally getting to meet her and we had a great time (briefly) getting to know each other.  We look forward to spending much more time with them now that Mark has moved to the Twin Cities as well!  I love the fact that all 3 of us cousins now live here….so all we need is Carrie and Nick to move back and we will be complete!

Amma, Uncle Putsie, and Aunt Eloise

The whole ‘W’ family

Jake, Mark, Uncle Jim, Mom, Susie, Amma, Dad, Aunt Su, Bob, and me

We made a quick stop at Ikea on my parents way out and then they were on their way!  We are looking forward to September when Bob and I are going to go to the cabin and spend some more quality time with them (and the water).

Once again I am so thankful to have a handy husband because my brakes started making an awful screeching sound and Bob knew instinctively what to do.  So he is having ‘fun’ out in the garage changing the brake pads (as well as some rusted screws or something) while I am catching up on the DVR…what a great night!


One response to “50th Anniversary

  • Marvel Williamson

    Great pictures, Kelly…………thanks! The week end was such fun………loved staying with you. Thanks so much…………..


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