I was so thrilled when my roommate from Freshman year of college called me and said she was in town!  She lives in Wyoming…so this was definitely a big deal!  Claire was such a perfect roommate to have, and the Lord truly blessed me with how wonderful our relationship was (and still is!). I had a rough first semester missing home and Claire was always by my side.

Claire and Kelly

Bob and I went over to my other college friends Kaitie and Eleanor’s house and had a great evening just chatting, laughing, and enjoying yummy food!

Ben, Emily, Kaitie, Kelly, Keenie, Brian, Claire, Chris, Eleanor, and Dan

This is the core group of friends from my Freshman Year of college and it was SOO good to see everyone again!  I hadn’t seen any of the ‘guys’ since we graduated and the girls since our wedding!! I have so many wonderful memories from our Freshman year when college was SO exciting and we did everything together!  I can’t count the number of late night caf runs, movies we watched, games of Pounce and Catch Phrase we played, and hours we spent laughing.  These girls (and guys!) will always hold such a special place in my heart


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