James and Chantal’s Wedding

Bob and I were happy to celebrate the marriage of our friends James and Chantal’s this weekend.  Not only were we excited to be a part of their marriage celebration, we were looking forward to seeing all of our friends!

Chantal with her parents

The groom

Our friend Darcy looked absolutely beautiful!

The ceremony was beautiful and the weather couldn’t have been better!

Chantal and James

A triple stranded cord is not easily broken

So happy for Chantal & James!

Our friends Don and Nate were groomsmen and rocked it out in sunglasses!

The flowers….

Nate and Noelle

Don and Ashleigh

Jen and Adrian

Bob and Me

Bethany, Kelly, and Jen

Bob, Bethany, Jen, and Kelly

We walked down to the nearby dam and enjoyed the water in between the ceremony and reception. It was really warm but luckily it wasn’t HOT like it has been nearly every day since May!

We passed some time blowing bubbles…and enjoyed an amazing Italian dinner catered from Donatelli’s.  Absolutely delicious!

Cutting the cake

First dance

The original small group plus spouses/sig others!

Greg & Darcy, Bob & Kelly, Chantal & James, Nate & Noelle, Bethany, Jen & Adrian


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