‘M’ Kiddo Pics

Emily nannies for a family that I have gotten to know very well over the years and love having fun with their kids!  When I got my new camera, I told Roxy (their mom) that I would LOVE to take their pictures….little did I know that I would have my work cut out for me!

Jenna is 6 years old and starting 1st grade this fall….she is absolutely adorable and I have had so much fun watching her grow up!

Brianna and Benjamin are 2 1/2 (they will turn 3 in October) and are so fun…but a handful!

Sweet Bri

Mischievous Ben

It was getting dark out…but we tried soo hard to get a picture of the 3 of them sitting

So sweet (they actually cooperated and held hands!)

And while the twins were running around like crazy….Jenna just smiled and smiled!

Trying to get this little guy to stand still and smile is nearly impossible!

Bri wasn’t quite as crazy as Ben but still hard to get to look at the camera!

So getting a picture of the 3 of them wasn’t really a success….we were racing against the sun which was going down fast!

Roxy was awesome at doing all kinds of crazy tricks, jumping, and running around to get them to smile…it was great!

There were 4 adults (me, Stacy, Emily, and Roxy) trying to corral the kids together and coerce them to smile…and still we were absolutely beat when we were done!

Once again we tried to get a picture of all of them….

And Jenna just kept smiling….

Bri, Stacy, Emily, and Jenna

Roxy somehow managed to stay out of pictures but this is such a cute one!  I had fun taking pictures of the kiddos and hopefully Roxy will let me do more sometime to get more practice!


2 responses to “‘M’ Kiddo Pics

  • Roxy

    Kelly, what fun pictures – you did an amazing job! Jenna has looked through them and had me read your blog out loud 3 times in 15 minutes. I absolutely think you captured their personalities to a T! I love these pictures – thanks so much for having my kids be your photo practice. And yes, we were all exhausted!

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    […] I drove down to meet the ‘M’ family for some fall pictures.  You might remember these cuties from this summer….and I couldn’t believe how much the twins have grown in a matter of a […]

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