LI Wrap-Up

Well…we are back in MN after a long and stressful day of traveling and my night is made while I watch the Packers first preseason game tonight ūüôā

I spent Sunday at Avalon park just relaxing and reading my book…Carrie and Nick were both working and Bob had already headed into the city so it was just me

I sat by this little pond (that was green!) for about 3 hours just enjoying the peace and quiet….

This little guy kept me company

And the flowers were gorgeous.  I walked around for awhile with my camera and covered the entirety of the park but stayed in the shade for the most part because it was so hot!

Finally Carrie called and was finished with work and picked me up (I had finished my book by this time and was ready to head back!)

We came back on Tuesday night for a quick photo session also….

Nick did a great job taking pictures while Carrie was hard at work posing us and making Bob smile….

Carrie and I went to a music in the park event downtown on Sunday and enjoyed live music and our books!

My favorite part is that on the hour the wings of the eagle on the Post Office flap its wings… neat!

We ate some amazing food while in New York….but Nick really enjoyed his sliders this night as an appetizer before we went for pizza!

Earlier on Tuesday Carrie, Bob, and I had gone to the Vanderbilt Mansion for a visit and had a great day….

But on our way there we made a quick stop at the St. James General Store and got some old-fashioned candy

The store was originally built in 1857 and is such a neat place to stop!

The entrance into William K. Vanderbilt’s summer home….It is one of the ‘smaller’ Vanderbilt mansions as it only has 24 rooms but it was so neat! ¬†I can’t imagine how amazing this house would have been back in the beginning of the 20th century. ¬†The house has all electric lights and many ‘modern’¬†conveniences¬†that must have been the newest technology at the time.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside….but some of my favorite things were the button on beneath the table where William could push to alert the staff that he needed something, and his wife’s amazing walk in closet. Her closet opened up into this huge room with glass closets and an amazing shoe holder! ¬†Seriously every woman’s dream!

William was an avid traveler and marine biologist and brought back some really cool things from his travels.  This sun clock he replicated from one he saw abroad and it works great!

Bob and Carrie on the porch

Bob and I outside…

The view from their house was gorgeous and I can just imagine their 230 foot yacht sitting right on the harbor….William donated his yacht to WWII efforts where it was painted¬†camouflaged¬†but eventually was sunk during the war.

The back of the house that looks over the ocean

One really neat thing about the mansion is that all of the doors and many other things (fixtures, paintings, chairs) were bought from castles, palaces, monasteries etc…

The detail that went into building this mansion is unfathomable!

Carrie took my camera for a few shots…and I got to see the other side of the camera…hahaha!

The cobblestones that lined the driveway and entrance were bought from New York City when they paved their roads in Greenwich Village. ¬†Mr. Vanderbilt bought 54,000 cobblestones at 8 cents each, but I can’t imagine how long it must have taken to transport all of the cobblestones!

They were beautifully laid out…

Carrie got a little tuckered out and had to stop for a break

This is Mr. Vanderbilt’s Marine Museum. ¬†Like I mentioned before, he was a marine biologist and loved to showcase his finds. ¬†This two story museum was full of fish and other things that he brought back from his trips. ¬†They even had his scuba gear set up which was crazy to see! ¬†The heavy copper helmet and weights to take him down to the bottom.

Carrie and Bob found the staircase that led to the rooftop of the museum.  Mr. Vanderbilt made the tee-off to the first hole of his golf course on the rooftop to ensure that his friends would have to see his Museum!

We really enjoyed the tour but were really looking forward to going home and watching the Olympics after a busy few days!

Leaving the estate this was our view….

I finally got everything put away today and managed to get home from the grocery store just after Bob got home from work so now it really is back to reality!


One response to “LI Wrap-Up

  • Bethany

    What a fun trip!!! Looks like a fun balance of relaxing and adventuring. Its een fun following you on your blog and I’m excited to see you tomorrow!!!

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