Carrie, Bob, and I had a great day in the city and came home absolutely exhausted!  Carrie and I met Bob at Penn Station because he had gone in on Sunday to spend the day with his friends Nate and Austin.

We then walked over to the Empire State Building and went up to the 86th floor

The elevator ride took less than a minute but then we had to take another elevator up 6 more floors.   There were a lot of people there but I could easily tell that it wasn’t even a ‘busy’ day for them!

We looked through their little museum and learned about the history…I was shocked to learn that the whole building took just over a year to complete!

View of Manhattan from the Empire State Building

Bob taking in all of the signts….

The South View…if you look closely you can see the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island on the right!

Close Up…or as close as I could zoom in for the Statue!  Doesn’t she look tiny in comparison to the buildings!?

Bob and I

Carrie and I (yes we do have matching sunglasses that we purchased unaware that the other had them too!)

From the bottom….so hard to get a shot of the whole building!

Then we hopped on the Subway and took it to Coney Island….

Bob and I rode the Cyclone which is an old wooden rollercoaster that was built in 1927

Carrie opted to not ride…but volunteered to take pictures instead!

We got to ride in the front and I was very impressed with the ride!  For being 85 years old…the rollercoaster was still awesome by my standards!

More of Coney Island…we eventually found the squished penny machine under the Wonder Wheel so I was a happy camper!

We had lunch at Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog stand….you can see Bob ordering

His (mustard) and Hers (ketchup)

And they were oh-so-good!

It was HOT outside so we did not spend much time out on the boardwalk…but I can imagine how busy it must get on the weekends!

And the final must-see on Coney Island….

The countdown for next years Hot Dog Eating Contest!

Definitely one of the highlights from the trip…too bad Joey Chestnut wasn’t there to get an autograph!  And I was full after one hotdog so I have no idea how he could possibly eat 65 of them!

From Coney Island we hopped on the Subway again and took it to the 9/11 Memorial….

This is the new World Trade Center building that is still being built.

The 9/11 Memorial was beautiful and the two pools had the names of the victims engraved around the outer edges.

Hopefully someday I will be able to visit the site again when it is complete and visit the museum that they are almost finished with.

We were definitely hot and sweaty by this point…but Bob being the trooper still posed for a picture!

The two pools are identical with the museum situated between.  The grounds eventually will be covered in trees and will be beautiful when it is finished!

There was also a Survivor Tree that was taken from Ground Zero and nursed back to health.  When taken from the site, it was only about 8 feet tall because the rest had been demolished….you could see exactly where the tree started regrowing which was amazing!

What a symbolic tree

Next we took the Subway to Central Park and walked around there….

I loved that the park is just situated in the middle of such a busy area and I was impressed with how nice and well-kept everything was

Trump Tower is on the left


Bob and I

Carrie and I

Love the city view from here

So basically the same picture just different place

Belvedere Castle

We were beat by this point and were just looking forward to getting home!

The Shakespeare Garden was beautiful and we walked through it on our way out.

We got home just in time to see Gabby compete on bars and unfortunately we weren’t happy with the results!  I am going to be so sad when the Olympics are over…


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