Long Island Update

We’ve had a busy few days here on Long Island (imagine that in the correct accent)….

Yesterday Bob and I visited the Carriage House Museum and didn’t really know what to expect but were pleasantly surprised!

One of the original Wells Fargo carriages that rode across the country!

And Post Office….this is so crazy to think of how slowly mail must have traveled 100+ years ago!

Bob and one of the Vanderbilt’s carriages…talk about the Rolls Royce of the 19th century!

They had a replica carriage shop set up with working belts, an old bandsaw, and all kinds of other tools which was really neat to see!

I loved this ‘treats’ carriage!

On the grounds, there was also a one room schoolhouse where 5 year olds to 6th grade all were taught.  I loved the touch of the individual chalkboards at each desk!

The outside of the schoolhouse

This cracked me up, in one of the barns there was this ‘doggie treadmill’ that was used to churn butter by harnessing the power that the dog generated from walking!

The outside of the blacksmith shop….the whole grounds area was so neat and well preserved!

While Carrie and Nick were both at work…Bob and I decided to surprise them with an early Christmas/Birthday present and went to Best Buy to replace their ancient tv.

They came home and were both excited to find this….

We picked out a 47″ 3d tv for them…and have been happily watching the Olympics on this instead of their old one!

This is the video of Carrie walking into the living room and being completely surprised!  We couldn’t have asked for a better reaction!

Today Nick, Bob, and I (while Carrie was at work) went back to Fire Island to the awesome beach there.  I convinced Bob to have Nick take a few pictures of us before we went swimming and was happy with the results!

Which is your favorite??




After Bob, Nick, and I swam in the ocean for 4 hours we came home exhausted!  Even after 3 reapplications of sunscreen we are all burnt!  Our new boogie board got a workout, and maybe got a little too much use since we managed to snap the inside foam (but no worries it still works!)

After Carrie got home we went out to eat for an amazing dinner where Bob had per his report ‘the best steak he has ever had’.  We went onto Port Jefferson, a cute little harbor town.

Bob and Carrie shared a crumb cake while Nick and I waited it out for some peanut butter cup gelato later in the evening….and it was totally worth the wait!

The harbor was really calm and the sunset was gorgeous….

And you can see how much sun we got today!

Nick and Carrie

The four of us…can you tell who WASN’T at the beach today!?

We have had such a great time, and I am looking forward to the next few days we have with them as well!


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