Manor of St. George

Today Bob, Carrie, and I visited the Manor of St. George but I was disappointed that we couldn’t take pictures inside of the home.  The house was built in the 1600s and the first portion of the home still has the original timbers.

It was so neat walking through each room and seeing the dishes, furniture, and clothing that they had.

The original part of the house is on the left and you can distinctly see what they added.

This flag was flying outside which is a combination of the USA and British flags (obviously)….

The view…can you imagine waking up to this every morning!

Carrie and Bob being good sports and posing for a picture

We walked around the grounds and found this….

And Bob insisted that the two of us try them out

And proceeded to zoom in….

on both of us….

Then we went on to Fire Island to visit the dunes, beach, and the TWA Flight 800 Memorial there

The memorial was really neat and on the other side of this mural were the names of the 230 passengers who were killed.

There were flags from the 14 countries who had passengers on the plane

Then we went on to the dunes and away from the massive crowds.  I couldn’t believe how many people were there during the week! But the weather was gorgeous!

So instead we first went on a walk through the dunes….

It was fun until I dropped my lens cap into the dunes….

So gorgeous….

Bob and I swam way further down from the crowds and it was so much fun!  The waves were so big and we had a blast while Carrie read her book in the pavilion.

We had a great day…and topped it off with a trip to the outlet mall and we purchased a boogie board for our return trip to the beach with Nick on Saturday!

So sad to leave….but excited to know that we will be back soon!


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