2 years later…

When my sister Carrie and her husband Nick got married over 2 years ago, I happily agreed to complete their guestbook.  I made over 100 ‘pre-pages’ where I had spots on each scrapbook page for all of the guests to write little notes, memories, or well-wishes to Carrie and Nick.  Then we set up a little photo-spot where they had their picture taken.

So each couple/family/guest had their own page with a nice handwritten note to Carrie and Nick.  All I had to do then was put a fun backing behind each picture and attach it to the pages on the notes.  Sounds simple right??  Except I failed to realize that I did not know over half of the guests….so trying to match up pictures with the pages was nearly impossible!

I kind of got stuck after awhile….and got frustrated that I couldn’t put two and two together to finish each page and with our wedding things just kind of got put on the back burner.

Then about a month ago I realized that this scrapbook NEEDED to get done and that we were going to visit Carrie and Nick and that I was GOING to have it done by then!

Oh my goodness….there were paper scraps everywhere.  Bob was sick of stuffing the finished pages into page protectors, and I was simply tired of scrapbooking and my limited creative juices had long since dried up!

89 pages later….

Lots of measuring, cutting, an entire roll of Elmer’s scrapbooking tape….

And this book is on it’s way out of my sight to NY!


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