Waterfalls and Lighthouses

Saturday was an absolutely PERFECT vacation day.  Minus the fact that we both woke up before 8 on a Saturday morning….but that proved to be in our favor.  We drove to Gooseberry Falls in the morning, and beat the big rush that was crowded around the Falls when we finished hiking.

The weather was gorgeous, a little bit on the hot side, but nothing like it has been!

The Upper Falls…

So gorgeous

And of course Bob had to make it ‘fun’ and cause my heart to accelerate as he fearlessly hopped around on the slippery rocks

But I was lucky enough to get a smile out of the deal so I was happy!  I probably would have been out there as well, but now that my camera is attached to me like a 5th appendage those risks and thrills don’t seem quite as enticing!

There weren’t too many people at the Upper Falls which was really nice…but we kept on hiking to the next spot which was far enough away to deter the young families and not so anxious hikers.

I couldn’t get enough of the Gooseberry River….

Found the perfect spot for a self-timer picture!

He was so cooperative taking pictures it was amazing!

This was the Fifth Falls and we were the only people there which was awesome!

We had brought 3 water bottles which at the time had seemed like enough…but somehow we had already drank 2 at this point and weren’t even halfway and our lunch was still tucked away in the backpack.

The bark on this tree was just gone, and I haven’t quite figured it out….

Middle Falls

Lower Falls (you can see here how many people were there!)

So I tried cropping them out…there is nothing more that I hate than random people in my pictures!

By this point I was getting hot and tired, so we kept walking in search of a picnic table to eat at….

After lunch we continued onto Lake Superior

Took another self-timer picture….

Tried to get artsy….and then headed back to the car to get change for the squished penny machine I had already scoped out in the gift shop!

We then headed north to visit the Split Rock Lighthouse.  I have been to my fair share of lighthouses, but this one far exceeded my expectations.  Everything has been preserved so nicely and the tour guide did a great job outlining the history!

The lighthouse and fog horn building (on left)

The view straight down 130 feet into the lake.

I’m guessing back in the day there wasn’t a chain link fence keeping people back!

This is the fog horn house that would make a noise every 18 seconds while weather was bad….they had an example that was 1/10th of the original sound and boy was that one loud!

The stairs up to the light were so neat

But the view from the top of the lighthouse was the best…although there were screens on all of the windows so I couldn’t get a picture!

The best shot I could get of the Fresnel light.  It rests on a bed of Mercury (that is safely enclosed) and relies on a weighted system that needs to be hand-cranked every 2 hours!

They also had one of the three lighthouse keeper’s homes open to tour.

Everything was restored so nicely it was so neat to see everything!

We then walked the 170 stairs down to Lake Superior for an awesome view and photo op!

Absolutely gorgeous

And of course we had another self-timer photo…

And we hiked back up the 170 stairs….and passed a dad carrying a stroller (crazy!)

And after a long day….we finally made it back to our (tiny) tent where we happily took a nap before having dinner!

For dinner we made a salsa chicken potato tinfoil wrap that we cooked over the fire and it was SO good!

And of course…a relaxing evening wouldn’t be complete without Farkle!

And last but not least, a camping trip surely would not be complete without s’mores!

We loaded up the car Sunday morning, and with our luck, the car wouldn’t start!  A nice couple who was also on their way out offered to jump the car and thankfully it worked!  We headed to visit Bob’s Grandma and Grandpa J at their cabin and spent a great day visiting and enjoying the sunshine! Sadly I didn’t take any pictures there…

And then it was back to reality 😦 (and we made it home just in the nick of time so I could watch the season finale of the Bachelorette!)


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