Friday afternoon we headed to Duluth for a weekend camping getaway…I had never been to the North Shore (although I’ve been to the South Shore) and Bob was looking forward to showing everything to me!

We stopped at Spirit Mountain to try out their new Alpine Coaster.  It was super fun BUT not quite like the true alpine slides where you can fall off if you go too fast!  This coaster was strapped down so even at full throttle there was no real danger!

We had a blast…..

And it was a great way to start our getaway weekend!  I went first between the two of us and a grandma was before me and I waited what I thought was forever for her to go down because I didn’t want to have to slow down and I nearly caught up with her at the end!

When we got into Duluth we went to Pine Point Park which was gorgeous!  That iron ore ship that you can barely see in this picture resurfaces later so keep your eye out 😉

Bob was brave enough to wade into the water…I did a little but the water was COLD!

I found this neat piece of driftwood in the grass…

Our next stop was at the Lift Bridge…and I was excited because not even 5 minutes after we got there it went up for a little sailboat!

So neat! And I loved the PA announcer telling people to walk faster and hurry up to get off the bridge so it could go up!

First self timer pose of the trip….

I forgot what this lighthouse is called…but it sat at the end of the pier at Canal Park.

Love the colors…

Bob was so patient with my picture taking…and I love this shot of him! What a cutie!

We watched some more boats go through the canal including some awesome sailors like this guy!

But then the big excitement came when we saw the iron ore ship start heading towards the canal!  These big guys only come through a few times each day so we were so lucky to be able to see it!

This iron ore ship is 730 feet long and isn’t even one of the longest! (the ‘big’ ones are over 1,000 feet!)

Bob was such a happy camper watching….

I seriously didn’t think that the boat was going to fit…but of course there wasn’t any doubt that it would!

Such a neat experience…and we are just so lucky that in the half hour we were at the park it came through!

We walked around downtown a little…but it was so blistering hot that we didn’t last too long in the heat!

Bob found a fountain to cool down in….

And I found a squished penny! Bob is so great about finding the exact stores that have them and is so patient to keep looking until we find them! This one is of the lift bridge….and makes a great addition to my collection!

After this we headed up to Two Harbors where we were camping and I was SO looking forward to eating and just relaxing for the rest of the night but little did I know what was going to happen….

We got to our site and started unpacking the car, I laid out the tarp and started unrolling the tent.  I turned to Bob who was carrying things from the car and asked where the poles were.  He responded, ‘In the box’….well I was holding the empty box.

The poles for the tent remained safely in our garage at home (over 3 hours away!).  So back into the car we went…me fuming in anger and Bob acting patient as ever.  There was a ShopKo in Two Harbors, but when we walked in there was hardly anything on their shelves since they apparently were in the middle of a remodel!

So back into the car we went, and while in the parking lot we pulled out our phones and Googled the nearest Target or Wal-Mart…I was so mad to find out that Duluth was the closest so off we went.

45 minutes later we arrived and my anger had subsided a little bit…we found a 4 person tent at Menard’s and got back into the car for another 45 minute ride.

We saw some horrible lightning and clouds while driving back to Two Harbors, I was praying so hard that our things that we had left out at the campsite would stay dry!  We arrived back around 9:30 to a dry campsite, set up camp in the dark and finally got our hot dogs eaten!


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