Cabin Wrap Up

We had such a great time out on the water…those are pretty much the only pictures I have!  We just got a new wakeboard so it was awesome to get to ‘break it in’.  I started to waterski when I was about 8 or 9 and started wakeboarding at about 16, so I am definitely not quite as steady on the board as I am on skis but I love the challenge!

The one major downfall with wakeboarding is that when you fall, you hit the water HARD.  Like knock-the-wind-out-of-you hard.  So I tend to be less adventurous on the board while my counterpart has no fear at all (surprise surprise!)

We are happy to have a board that fits us both since my old board had ‘kiddie’ bindings which fit my feet but no chance would fit Bobs and a 130lb weight restriction that I wish I could say I was under!

Someone on the lake has a sea plane and it is so fun to watch it land and take off!

Jake and Aleta

We LOVE to tube while we are up there…and it doesn’t seem to bother us that we are about the only 20-somethings who still like to tube! But my mom is an awesome driver and you get a major workout while trying to hang on!

Bob is pretty good at ‘spotting’

This dynamic duo is ruthless on the tube….

And got some intense tubing in!

My parents went ‘hot-dogging’ but my dad ended up kicking my mom off halfway so he could just ride like this the rest of the way…..

Hahahah…he will go around the entire lake lying on this thing and get mad when we stop!

I wish I would have gotten more pictures of the sunsets…they were gorgeous every night!

These little ducklings were ever present visitors at the dock…but I think all they were looking for was some bread!

Bob managed to fit his feet into my skis and had a blast!

Like I said…he is not scared of anything!

We also spent a lot of time on the jetski…but Bob is not afraid to tell me that he enjoys jetskiing a lot more when he goes by himself….

So he can do crazy things without worrying about me flying off the end!

If we ever couldn’t find Bob…he was without a doubt taking the jetski out for a spin!

Jake and I did a little tubing….and there is always some competition involved to see who gets thrown into the water first!

And same goes for Bob and I!

I was so excited for my mom because she slalomed for the first time in over 10 years!

Bob slalomed for the first time too and he did awesome!

Finally got him to smile!

Jake skied for the very FIRST time and he did awesome!  That was definitely one of the highlights of the weekend…it only took a few tries and he was up!

My dad was in charge of the grill every night and after I installed an ESPN app on his phone he was happy as a clam to sit out on the deck!

We couldn’t go an entire weekend without some kind of project…so Bob fixed one of the steps that had crumbled away and put a new step in!  What a talented man!

So gorgeous!

We played lots of games as well…cribbage, Yahtzee, and Farkle (of course!)

We couldn’t miss the ski show…and Bob and I decided the outfits were much better than the show’s at home!

Mom and Dad

Jake and Aleta

They did a 4-tiered pyramid which was super impressive!

The four of us!

Bob and I were happy that we got to get together with my friend from elementary school, Allie and her husband Aaron!  They live in Illinois now, but her family has a cabin about 40 minutes from ours so we met halfway and had a great time catching up!  We are both nurses now so it is so fun talking about all things nursing but I’m sure Bob and Aaron get tired of it!  Allie has been such a great friend to me for almost 18 years and I am so blessed that we have remained friends through the distance!


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