So basically the entire 5 days we were at the cabin were spent out on the water…by Monday morning I was so sore and my body was just t-i-r-e-d! But it was SO worth it and we enjoyed every minute!

So this is from day 1….you’ll have to compare us to day 5 when that post makes it’s appearance!

A tiny bit of air…hahah it counts right!?

I could probably have smiled…

Bob rocked out our new wakeboard!

I was happy that I got up slaloming….and had a great time but man is it hard work!

That night a storm came out of nowhere and the winds were CRAZY strong…Bob and my mom went down to the dock to put the boat onto the shorestation and thank goodness they did because this is what happened to our neighbors!

My dad went down to help as well and I guess a gust of wind came and our Shorestation started lifting up and my dad somehow held on tight and kept it in the water!

The storm knocked down a couple of trees so we went out with a hacksaw and took care of them!  Hard work with a little saw….

That night we set off some fireworks which was fun….

We had fun with sparklers….

One of the fireworks that we got released a parachute after the actual firework!  How awesome is that…we ended up getting a few more for another night!

Fountain in the soccer field

Sparklers x4

Then we went into town where we watched the REAL fireworks….

I love watching fireworks…and for a small town the show was really good!

So pretty!

We ended the night with a little more sparkler fun….


Jake and Aleta


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