Lunch and Parade

Continuing on for the 4th of July (it is going to take me a LONG time to finally catch up!)….the local firemen hold a luncheon fundraiser that I look forward to all year!

But first we set up our chairs in our usual spot for the big parade (and by big I mean big for a town of 200!)

We got brats, hotdogs, beans, coleslaw, and sweet corn…it was delicious!

yes I do have a thing for ketchup 🙂

It was over 90 degrees outside…so a few cold pitchers of beer tasted good!

Bob and my mom got ice cream, and I got nervous when I saw chocolate cups that looked like mini Reese’s in the ice cream, but I quickly tried one and instead of peanut butter they were filled with raspberry!  Crisis averted…phew!

We watched some serious fishing go on…in the man made pond filled with fish!

My awesome parents!

Jake and Aleta

Bob did NOT want his picture taken….

But he finally relented!

We then meandered back to our parade watching spots and sweated it out for a bit until the parade started!

Bob sat by our bucket that we made into a target to try to entice the people in the parade to throw candy!  We left with the bucket half full which was very successful! (and enough tootsie rolls to last for a year…)

Love small town parades!  This cracked me up!

It was a great parade….lasted only about 20 minutes but thankfully it was short because it was SOO hot outside!

We cooled off in the afternoon and watched the Coney Island Hot Dog eating contest…and we cheered Joey Chestnut on to a victory yet again.  Good thing we ate our hot dogs before watching the contest…..


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