Poisson Sweepstakes

Bob and I were SO excited to be able to make a long weekend out of the 4th!  We headed up to the cabin and were looking forward to having an unheard of 5 days up there!

Wednesday morning we participated in one of my favorite 4th of July traditions…the Poisson Sweepstakes.  48 years ago, this swim across the lake was started by a couple who wanted their kids to be confident that they could swim to shore in case of emergency.

So we loaded up and were transported to the opposite side of the lake, where we jumped out and got ready to swim back to the dock.  I swam competitively through high school and in the past, this swim was just a nice warm up for me (it is about a half mile long).

It is not so much of a warm up at all anymore, and I was EXHAUSTED when I touched the dock in 5th place.  I guess each year is just going to get harder and harder…

Aleta took 2nd!

I was seriously struggling! And with my worst place ever I don’t have much hope for the future!

Jake did great as well!

Pops didn’t swim, but kept a great lookout on the boathouse!

Mom was pretty tired when she finished but swam well!

Bob was the only one smiling at the end!

The official finish!  They now have a timing system that prints out times for each place…pretty fancy!

It may not seem like a long way across….but I promise when you get in the middle of the channel it really feels like you are never going to get to the other side!

I guess Bob was a little tired….

There was record turnout which was awesome!  All of the proceeds from the t-shirts go to the library which is awesome!

The person who wins gets their name on the fish and one year I did win the 4th of July swim and was so excited…but then they did another race in August and someone beat my time so I think my chances of getting my name on here is pretty slim….

The crow is awarded to the person who finishes last!  (and hopefully no one in our family will ever win this!)

Jake and Aleta after the race….

Bob and I….I decided next year that we are going to have to train a bit because they do married couple scoring and we need to improve our times a bit!

Mom and I…they also do scoring based on parent-child and we typically do pretty well!

The whole group!

My dad was such a great photographer but happily handed the camera to me as soon as I climbed out of the water!  I absolutely LOVE traditions and this is one of the many that I hope to keep for years to come!


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