Mill City Museum

Saturday morning, the J family and ourselves went to the Mill City Museum in downtown Minneapolis. Since the museum didn’t open until 10, Aedan and I decided to do this Aladdin puzzle and got it finished!

We got help from Clarabella and Tara too!

This little guy loved the view from the observation deck!

St. Anthony Falls

The ruins from the Washburn A Mill that burned down in 1991 but had been closed since 1965 and had already been rebuilt after a fire in the 1800s.

They had an awesome 8 story elevator exhibit that the kids were enthralled by (and us adults too!)

Can you spot all 5 kiddos??

John and Bob…one of my favorite pictures from the weekend!

They played some play-doh although one small ball was NOT enough!

Bob and Annalisa’s creation in the baking lab

Clarabella and her buddy Bob

The water tables were a HUGE hit!

Even Gabriel LOVED it

He took it upon himself to put all of the ‘logs’ back into the water…poor guy took a digger and got a nice black eye though from the slippery floor!

The museum was fun and even I learned a lot about the mill’s history!


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