Water Ski Show

We had such a busy and fun weekend with the J family visiting!  We were so thankful that they were willing to travel so far to spend time with us and truly enjoyed their visit!

Friday we went to a nearby park in the afternoon and the kids got to run off some steam after being cooped up in the car for 4 hours!

Gabriel has absolutely NO fear! He is all boy!

Bob and Clarabella…they are definitely buddies!

Love this little boy!


The big boys had a blast jumping off the swings!


Impressive huh!?


After dinner, we went to a Ski Show at a nearby lake….

They started off this show with this awesome pyramid!

This wakeboarder was awesome!

G was enthralled….


The skier on the left went under the first jumper and both the guys in the air landed on either side of him! SCARY!

This is the only picture I am in from the whole weekend! Noah LOVED taking pictures with my new camera and took all of the ones from the ski show!

This boat was pulling 9 barefooters!

The boats were awesome…

The ski show was really fun and all of the kids enjoyed it too!  We knew we had a busy day on Saturday (and I knew an early wake up was inevitable!) so we went to bed early…early for us at least!


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