Fun on the Lake

Bob and I were SO excited when our friend Bethany invited us to their family cabin on Saturday.  We would NEVER turn down an opportunity to spend time out on the water and loved getting to enjoy it with Bethany and her family!

Their gorgeous cabin in the woods…

My awesome husband rocking the wakeboard!

I tried my hand at wakeboarding next….but had a difficult time because the wake was SO big behind their boat…definitely NOT what I am used to!

This is what I looked like a few times….

Next we wake surfed which is SO much fun!


Bethany enjoying the sun!

Bethany’s dad, Mark, was an awesome boat driver!

John wake surfing…he did awesome and was able to go a LONG ways without the rope!

We were so impressed!

Bob got it too!

My strategy was to leave the rope nearby so in case I needed it I could grab it and keep going! Hahaha…..

Mark rocked it out too!

So did Bethany!

Kayla did great wakeboarding

Bob loving every minute!

Steve got some SERIOUS air wakeboarding!

Kayla and Steve

We kneeboarded and Bob showed his skills!

This was my first time kneeboarding and I LOVED it!

Bethany was awesome on the kneeboard!

We had such an amazing day and just want to say a HUGE thank you to Bethany’s family for inviting us for such a fun filled day! We are so appreciative of your amazing generosity and hospitality!


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