Family Fun

Misti, Bob’s sister, was in town visiting from Missouri so we were able to get together with the whole family and catch up with her.  She was just offered and accepted a new job in Kansas City and we are SO happy for her (although we do wish that she would come back to MN).

Dave and Laurel made a delicious meal and an amazing Oreo ice cream dessert (which was my favorite part).

Steve, Misti, and Bob

Bob and Me

Bob’s birthday is on Monday and he seems to think that he gets to open all of his gifts and cards early…..

He was so excited…

about his new creeper! (I guess that is the technical name for the thing you lay on to go under cars…who knew!)

No family get-together is complete without some games…we played Triple Yahtzee and it took a little while for me to get out of Farkle mode but we had a great time!  Somehow Bob ended up with 5 Yahtzees and won….hmmmm

This picture cracks me up…we visited Bob’s Grandpa George and Jessie this afternoon to show them our (finally completed) wedding album and Bob couldn’t resist trying out Jessie’s new scooter.  I might be in trouble in 60 years because Bob nearly ran me over trying to see how fast it would go!


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