Sun, Waterfalls, and a Cherry on Top

Bob and I had a wonderful evening, thanks to his planning.  Like I’ve mentioned before, if things were left up to me we would walk the same 3 mile path every night, eat the same 7 meals each week, and each day would be boring!  This is NOT the case for my creative and spontaneous husband which makes every day fun and exciting!

We started off by visiting our friends Carl and Brin’s house to view the Transit of Venus.  Bob made me Google what it was before we went and basically it is when the planet Venus crosses the sun’s path and it happens VERY rarely!  The next one won’t happen for 105 more years!

Carl has a crazy cool telescope that had the necessary filter that protected our eyes while we looked at the sun and it was SO neat to see!  Venus was so distinctive against the bright sun.  Carl didn’t have a camera adapter for his telescope so this was as close as we could get by going through the viewfinder…

Bob checking out the Transit….

Next we went to Minnehaha Park where we were able to enjoy the beautiful waterfall and landscape

I hadn’t been to the Falls for 2 years and forgot how beautiful it is!

The weather was perfect…about 80 degrees so we enjoyed a nice hike down to the River

My patient husband was very tolerant of my picture taking….

And had some fun too 🙂

The water was so calm….I couldn’t believe how perfect the trees’ reflections were!

I think Bob was tired of posing for pictures when I suggested he go stand in the cove, so he took the camera instead!

So gorgeous!

I couldn’t get a great shot of the bridge but I love the colors of the sunset!

This is a different bridge…but still cool

From the Falls we then went to Sebastian Joe’s for ice cream because no trip to the city is complete without stopping there!  Bob got one of his favorites, chocolate raspberry in a coconut chocolate dipped cone, and I got chocolate English toffee in honor of the Queen’s Jubilee.  Sebastian Joe’s always has the BEST flavors!

Next, Bob surprised me and took me to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden to see the Cherry on the Spoon.  I had never been to the Garden before, and for living in Minnesota for 6 years that is very sad!  My sister and brother-in-law got engaged here so it will always hold a special place in my heart!

We really are getting good at using the self-timer function!

My first time seeing the skyline from this view….gorgeous!

Basilica of Saint Mary from the pedestrian bridge

I know the full moon was yesterday, but Bob was nice enough to pull over while driving home so I could get this shot!

We had such a wonderful night and I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband who plans evenings for just the two of us!


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