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Zoo Day

So now I am virtually a week behind in posts…but my excuse is that I have been working and had to take a class this week on top of it all! 🙂

We spent Sunday morning at the zoo.  It was very hot and there were SO many people visiting so that was kind of a bummer but I don’t think it made any difference to the kids!

John and Gabriel 🙂

Clarabella is an awesome reader and told me about every animal!

The polar bear was playing in the corner which the kids loved!

I love the giraffes!


Having a quick strawberry snack in the shade!

The girls were absolutely captivated by the monkeys…and I swear it was over 100 degrees in the monkey house!

Then we did a little photoshoot in attempt to get pictures of their family, the kids, and John and Tara!






The whole J family!

The kiddos

Tara and John

The botanical gardens were absolutely beautiful

So cute!


We had such a fun weekend and loved every (busy) minute!


Water Ways Fun

Last Saturday afternoon (wow I am behind in posting!) we took the kids to an all ‘natural’ park that had a bunch of different activities that they found amusing!

Annalisa and Bob

Noah making a dam in the water way

Annalisa and Gabriel

Noah and Aedan at the source of the water trying to divert it at it’s strongest 🙂

Bob and Clarabella

Buddies again

They built this awesome tepee!

Clarabella hard at work

Then Clarabella and I played hide-and-seek and she was awesome at it…I attributed my losing to the fact that hiding places for adults are hard to find!

Clarabella and Annalisa

We had a blast at the park and I was so impressed at how ‘into’ everything the kids got! It was great for Noah who is almost 13 as well as Gabriel who is almost 2!  What a great spot for such a wide age range!

Mill City Museum

Saturday morning, the J family and ourselves went to the Mill City Museum in downtown Minneapolis. Since the museum didn’t open until 10, Aedan and I decided to do this Aladdin puzzle and got it finished!

We got help from Clarabella and Tara too!

This little guy loved the view from the observation deck!

St. Anthony Falls

The ruins from the Washburn A Mill that burned down in 1991 but had been closed since 1965 and had already been rebuilt after a fire in the 1800s.

They had an awesome 8 story elevator exhibit that the kids were enthralled by (and us adults too!)

Can you spot all 5 kiddos??

John and Bob…one of my favorite pictures from the weekend!

They played some play-doh although one small ball was NOT enough!

Bob and Annalisa’s creation in the baking lab

Clarabella and her buddy Bob

The water tables were a HUGE hit!

Even Gabriel LOVED it

He took it upon himself to put all of the ‘logs’ back into the water…poor guy took a digger and got a nice black eye though from the slippery floor!

The museum was fun and even I learned a lot about the mill’s history!

Water Ski Show

We had such a busy and fun weekend with the J family visiting!  We were so thankful that they were willing to travel so far to spend time with us and truly enjoyed their visit!

Friday we went to a nearby park in the afternoon and the kids got to run off some steam after being cooped up in the car for 4 hours!

Gabriel has absolutely NO fear! He is all boy!

Bob and Clarabella…they are definitely buddies!

Love this little boy!


The big boys had a blast jumping off the swings!


Impressive huh!?


After dinner, we went to a Ski Show at a nearby lake….

They started off this show with this awesome pyramid!

This wakeboarder was awesome!

G was enthralled….


The skier on the left went under the first jumper and both the guys in the air landed on either side of him! SCARY!

This is the only picture I am in from the whole weekend! Noah LOVED taking pictures with my new camera and took all of the ones from the ski show!

This boat was pulling 9 barefooters!

The boats were awesome…

The ski show was really fun and all of the kids enjoyed it too!  We knew we had a busy day on Saturday (and I knew an early wake up was inevitable!) so we went to bed early…early for us at least!

Rock the Garden

While I was sleeping all day Saturday, Bob met up with a group of friends and went to the Rock the Garden concert in the Walker Art Center.  Bob said they had a great time listening to the bands, but that he was glad I was enjoying my sleep because they weren’t exactly my ‘type’ of music!  Ha! He knows me too well!

It was supposed to storm virtually all day, and I guess they lucked out because it hardly rained!

Chris, Phil, Mark, Debbie, and Bob

We have had some crazy weather here, with strong storms, lots of rain, which have resulted in some gorgeous sunsets!

On Sunday we went to watch Dave play softball for our church league.  They ended up winning one and losing one and we had fun watching!

Dave plays catcher, and also made a couple of nice hits!

We are looking forward to the J family visiting us this weekend…I spent yesterday meal planning and grocery shopping for 9!  What a difference from the spontaneity of cooking for 2!

Summer Parades

Bob and I had yet again another fun evening…we had biked/rollerbladed to the library to return a few things and saw signs up for the annual summer festival parade downtown!  Of course we made a quick change of plans!

We met Bethany and Aria!

The parade was awesome!

This fish bike was so neat!

The parade lasted for almost 2 hours! I couldn’t believe it…but we had a great time and walked away with a bag FULL of candy…Bob was in sugar heaven!

After the parade we went out on the lake for a quick pontoon ride!

The sunset was absolutely gorgeous…I wish I would have had my real camera and not just my phone!

I was so happy going into work and was hoping for a great night to top off a great evening!

Laser Tag

  A local bowling alley/arcade has a special $10 unlimited laser tag night and Bob and I were SO excited to go!  We met up with our friend Hans, and later Steve and Dani came for an awesome night!

Hans and Bob

We had an absolute BLAST!  I think we played 8 or 9 games in total (each lasting 12 minutes) and we were there for 5 hours!  We were both exhausted when we got home!

In between rounds, we got drinks, enjoyed some delicious cheesy garlic bread, and played a few arcade games….

They guys stuck to the racing games…while I tried my hand at some Skee-Ball.  It was my childhood favorite game, and I used to be able to get the jackpot at least once every trip to Chuck-E-Cheese.  Now, not so much, but it was still fun playing!

We couldn’t believe some of the intense players that showed up! There was a group of people who were dressed in all black, had headsets on, and mirrors to divert the lasers!  We never were in the same round as them unfortunately but it was so much fun! We will definitely be going back to play again!

I recently have taken to going to our local library to get movies and pick up books (before I would just use their online Kindle loaning program where there was no need to actually go to the physical building) and have enjoyed all that they have to offer!  I usually come home with a bunch of movies that I think Bob will like and we both come out ahead (think saved $$!)

While I was biking home on one of the trails, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this baby raccoon curled up in the middle of the trail!  I quietly got off my bike pulled out my phone and took a couple of steps closer!  He just opened his little eyes, looked at me, and went right back to sleep!  So precious!

Fun on the Lake

Bob and I were SO excited when our friend Bethany invited us to their family cabin on Saturday.  We would NEVER turn down an opportunity to spend time out on the water and loved getting to enjoy it with Bethany and her family!

Their gorgeous cabin in the woods…

My awesome husband rocking the wakeboard!

I tried my hand at wakeboarding next….but had a difficult time because the wake was SO big behind their boat…definitely NOT what I am used to!

This is what I looked like a few times….

Next we wake surfed which is SO much fun!


Bethany enjoying the sun!

Bethany’s dad, Mark, was an awesome boat driver!

John wake surfing…he did awesome and was able to go a LONG ways without the rope!

We were so impressed!

Bob got it too!

My strategy was to leave the rope nearby so in case I needed it I could grab it and keep going! Hahaha…..

Mark rocked it out too!

So did Bethany!

Kayla did great wakeboarding

Bob loving every minute!

Steve got some SERIOUS air wakeboarding!

Kayla and Steve

We kneeboarded and Bob showed his skills!

This was my first time kneeboarding and I LOVED it!

Bethany was awesome on the kneeboard!

We had such an amazing day and just want to say a HUGE thank you to Bethany’s family for inviting us for such a fun filled day! We are so appreciative of your amazing generosity and hospitality!

Happy Birthday Bob!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!  I am so blessed to have such a caring, compassionate, talented husband and best friend. Bob is the kind of person who puts others needs before himself, and loves to help others, whether it be handiwork, grilling, or computer work.  I love him so much for his generous heart.

We decided to have a big party yesterday for all of our friends.  It was pretty low key, but we had a great time playing yard games, visiting, and trying out our new slip ‘n slide!

Bob grilled…

It was so hot outside, that the air-conditioned indoors felt amazing!

Tzu and sweet baby Owen

Hans and Jake

There was croquet….


some more croquet (or what looks like pool)

and also bocce ball…which proved to be a good game because we came away with a broken ball and had to fish a ball out of our pond in the front!

Andrew, Liz, and Owen

Matt and Bob

Carl and Bob

I wish I would have done a better job of taking pictures, because I realize now I missed over half of our guests!  We had 25 friends over…and I hardly got pictures of any of them!  Guess I was having too much fun!

Intense Slip N Sliding….

I woke up this morning (at 7am!) to Bob shaking me because he was ready to open his presents!

While he was watching a movie last night, I made his favorite coffee cake and he was SO surprised this morning! I guess me pounding around in the kitchen wasn’t enough to distract him from his movie!

My parents got him this DeWalt drill, a set of Craftsman screwdrivers, and this lifejacket….

which he got to open early because on Saturday we went to our friend Bethany’s cabin (look for more pictures next post!)

My sister and Nick got him this cute Gap shirt.

His favorite present (I hope!) was this Craftsman tool chest that I got for him! I also got him a weedwacker…but that was kind of a selfish gift because the lawn just really needs it!

We are so thankful to all of our friends who helped to make Bob’s birthday such a special day, but more importantly we are so blessed to have such wonderful friendships with so many amazing people!

Family Fun

Misti, Bob’s sister, was in town visiting from Missouri so we were able to get together with the whole family and catch up with her.  She was just offered and accepted a new job in Kansas City and we are SO happy for her (although we do wish that she would come back to MN).

Dave and Laurel made a delicious meal and an amazing Oreo ice cream dessert (which was my favorite part).

Steve, Misti, and Bob

Bob and Me

Bob’s birthday is on Monday and he seems to think that he gets to open all of his gifts and cards early…..

He was so excited…

about his new creeper! (I guess that is the technical name for the thing you lay on to go under cars…who knew!)

No family get-together is complete without some games…we played Triple Yahtzee and it took a little while for me to get out of Farkle mode but we had a great time!  Somehow Bob ended up with 5 Yahtzees and won….hmmmm

This picture cracks me up…we visited Bob’s Grandpa George and Jessie this afternoon to show them our (finally completed) wedding album and Bob couldn’t resist trying out Jessie’s new scooter.  I might be in trouble in 60 years because Bob nearly ran me over trying to see how fast it would go!